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Starling Physicians Primary CareAn internist is a physician trained in the diagnosis and treatment of people of various ages, ranging from teenagers to the elderly.

This is the only specialty that covers the entire range of adult medicine, including many subspecialties. We are often referred to as “primary care providers” (PCPs).

At Starling Physicians, our internists are prepared to deal with any problem a patient presents ­– no matter how common or how complex. We are specially trained in severe illnesses and cases where multiple illnesses strike at one time. We actively promote wellness, treat illness, address common health issues facing men and women, and understand substance abuse and mental health.

We provide a wide range of services to help you stay healthy and manage illness:

  • Annual physical exams, routine screenings, and healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Treatment of illness including sinus infections, flu, digestive problems, and back pain
  • Detection and medical management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, cholesterol, thyroid, and heart disease
  • Immunizations and travel medicine
  • Cancer screenings
  • Heart health, including blood pressure monitoring and electrocardiograms

Our internists take pride in caring for our patients for life. When specialty care is needed, we make referrals to appropriate specialists and will coordinate and manage your care. Our internists, specialists, and labs use an electronic medical record, which travels within our practice, enhancing physician communications, keeping your records together, and minimizing loss and delays.

Need a primary care provider?

Many of our providers are taking new patients, find out who has availability in a town near you! 
Providers Accepting New Patients

Questions to ask at a visit with a primary care provider 

PCPs value the education process and are here to discuss all your questions and concerns. Click here to see some common questions they can address in a visit.

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Call us first when you are sick!

We know your health history and can guide you on the next steps. Click here to learn symptoms that can be addressed in our office or when to seek emergency care. We are always available by phone – 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

 When to Seek Care >>

Why It Is Important to See a Primary Care Provider

Many people wait until they’re sick to find a doctor. Delaying preventative care or avoiding the doctor’s office may set you up for some unexpected health complications in the future. Learn about the vital role that a PCP plays.

4 Reasons to See a PCP >>

When to Visit a Nurse Practitioner vs a Primary Care Doctor

Starling Physicians is proud to have a number of exceptional nurse practitioners on our team. They have significant training and experience. Learn about the vital role they play.

 Learn about Nurse Practitioners >>

Emotional Barriers to Weight Loss

Stress and lack of motivation can be two factors that prevent weight loss. Starling Physicians now offers an education program to help people learn new skills and change their mindsets to encourage weight loss.

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Chronic Care Management for Medicare Patients

If you suffer from two or more chronic conditions, it can be overwhelming to manage your healthcare between doctor’s visits. Medicare’ s Chronic Care Management (CCM) program can help you connect the dots so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Learn about CCM >>


 Meditation with Muse

We now offer “Muse”  meditation neurofeedback system in our Newington office. Muse is a research-grade EEG device that passively senses your brain activity and translates it into the guiding sounds of weather to help you stay calm and focused.

Learn More About Muse >>



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About the Annual Wellness Visit for Medicare Patients

To learn about what is included in a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, please click here.

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