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Care Plan – Advanced

Through Starling Physicians Care Plan – Advanced we can help you live well and age better.

What is Care Plan – Advanced?

At Starling Physicians, we are dedicated to working with you to help you be independent and well. This primary care experience will feel different than what you know – and it should. We want to care for you to make sure you receive the highest quality care in the way that you need it. We understand keeping your independence is paramount to you, and we will work to keep you independent and well by integrating your medical, behavioral and social care.

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Living Well and Aging Better with Starling Physicians

As your new medical home, we’re here to provide you and your family with:

Access to your care team

Your care team only has a small number of patients so that they are available to you by phone. 

Meet the Team

Care Team 
  • An experienced and coordinated care team led by skilled internal medicine doctors.
  • The care team will also include nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, care managers, emergency medical technicians and others.
  • The team will deliver a comprehensive patient directed customized care plan that will address social, behavioral and medical needs.

medical, behavioral, and social care

Highest Quality Care You Deserve

Your care team is able to provide all your care (medical, behavioral and social) at home or in a specialized outpatient practice, whichever is most appropriate for you and your family. We will design an individualized and personalized care program for you based on your needs and feedback from you and your family.

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We are here to help. 

For more information, talk to your Starling primary care provider.

Hoda Abdel Salam, MD 

Dr. Abdel Salam heads Starling Physicians team for our Care Plan – Advanced. She has done extensive research in internal medicine with a special interest in preventative health.