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The telehealth experience was personal, given the circumstances, effective, efficient, and helpful. Dr. Piri is a wonderful practitioner and listener. Thanks for having this type of visit available.

The virtual meeting I had with Dr. Casey was excellent. He is able to answer my questions regarding medications. We also had a meaningful conversation regarding diet, which was very helpful. given current circumstances, this was an ideal substitute for the regular in person appointment.

Telemedicine session went well. Almost like in the office

It was great talking to Dr. Thorevska on video and she gave great new about my breathing machine thank you for calling me we need to be safe now so it was good talking to the doctor.

Was extremely satisfied with my non office meeting with Dr. Lasala. Was very thorough and reviewed my blood work with me with recommendations to keep me healthy. A great tool to have during this pandemic! Highly recommend it. recommend it.

My skype call from Dr. Roux was very good she went over all the info from my sleep apnea test and all of my health problems. She recommended I go to the center when they open in May if they don’t open I should call her and she will send me a machine. I enjoyed meeting with her (never met her in person).

My appointment with Dr. Thorevska over the digital means yesterday, was wonderful. She is very thorough, patient, understanding my concerns and addressing them completely. Her caring attitude is “frosting on the cake “! I feel very secure being under her care! I give A+, or 5 stars!

Wonderful! Dr. Polukhin made me feel so much better, and I’m so thankful.

Very pleased with my experience from initial interview with Loren to discussion with Dr. Alizadeh. Would consider use of this mode, depending on the situation, when current pandemic has passed.

Dr. Wisniewski is the ideal doctor, even in difficult times such as these. I’m grateful for his availability, but mostly his patience and thoughtfulness.

It was a great experience.

This was my first experience using telemedicine and I could not be more satisfied with the experience.

I was very happy with my phone appointment with Dr. Russomanno. Although he is not my primary doctor, he listened to me, read my cart/files/tests and cared about my wellbeing. He also ordered additional medications in an effort to help my health improve. At this juncture and considering we are in the middle of a pandemic, I appreciate that much.

Dr Wisniewski made me very comfortable and was able to solve me breathing issue. I had my first unbroken night of sleep and woke feeling great ! Dr Wisniewski has always provided me with excellent care and comfort when I needed it 
Thanks a lot Doc I appreciate all you do for me !

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, I chose a video appointment with Dr. Lippman. This was a follow-up after my last cardiac surgical procedure. Dr. Lippman has always been professional, cordial, and attentive. He has answered all of my questions and concerns, and explained them so I would understand. attentive. He has answered all of my questions and concerns, and explained them so I would understand.

Our goal is to deliver ‘healthcare the way it should be’ where doctors form enduring relationships and our team works in a unified manner to deliver personalized medical attention. Don’t take our word for it…see what our patients have to say:

I was very nervous initially but each member of the staff I encountered was cheerful, respectful and kind. Dr. Paris was wonderful at putting me at ease and answering questions. It is refreshing to meet a new doctor and staff who make you feel like they care even when they don’t really know you.

As always – my experience with Dr. Sowa and his staff was and has been terrific, from start to finish! Pleasant, respectful, knowledgeable, thorough, helpful – I can’t say enough positive statements about my visit(s)! Thank you for always being there for me and for your care and support!

Dr. Azim is the best endocrinologist that I have come across. She listens to what I have to say about my type 1 and takes the time to take the steps toward what I am looking for. She is the only endo I’ve had that I feel comfortable going to and I don’t feel anxious when I see her.

Excellent! Dr. Alizedeh was very reassuring that my sciatica pain could be alleviated. He explained thoroughly the procedure & after effects. Compassionate, gentle, and very good “ bedside” manner. Would highly recommend him & continue under his care.

I give Dr. Cooper an A+ for the skill and compassionate way he treats patients. Patients with urinary tract issues depend on timely physician response when they are contacted. Dr. Cooper responds to my calls as quickly as he can, even on weekends.

Dr. Lunding’s office is well-run and everyone is pleasant and helpful. Dr. Lunding really listens to questions and concerns and gives advice that’s clear, and in addition, she is genuinely warm. I never feel that I’m being rushed at all. I’m so happy that she is my doctor.

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Savinelli. He takes the time to listen to you and to help with whatever he can.

From the sign in until my departure, I was treated with respect. I will recommend your office and practice without any reservation.

Agatha is outstanding. She is knowledgeable, professional, genuinely caring and a good listener – an outstanding member of the team.

Dr. George Melnik goes above and beyond the call of being a doctor. He’s kind and easy to talk to. He has patience of a saint. I would recommend him to my friends…

The staff is AMAZING! always feel like family when we have any type of appointment, short wait times, everyone always answers every question you have without any issues…

Ms. Nolin is a very caring individual, most medical professionals should have her bedside manors. She is attentive, listens to you, and takes the time to ask questions so she can understand what’s going on so she can better help you…It’s night and day from my previous Primary Care Doctor. It’s nice to have someone who sincerely cares about you and your health.

Dr. Levine is very professional and great bedside manner. Made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Explained every step of the process and was gentle throughout each step. I would recommend her to everyone, especially if they had a bad experience in the past like myself.

Not possible to have a better experience than the one I had yesterday with Dr. Benson. Appreciate how he calmed me down, answered every question I had, explained everything that was going on and in general made me feel comfortable about being there. Not an easy thing to do. Thank you.

I found Dr. Powner and his staff to be both engaged and engaging in getting to know me personally and to prescribe medications that are both effective and affordable.

Dr. Abbot is very caring in patients needs and pain. I am extremely happy with her. I highly recommend her. She always listens to my issues at hand and provide help. I have been to out her doctors who could careless and listen to nothing I am saying . I nice to know I have finally found a doctor who truly cares.

Dr. Rock is AWESOME He listens to everything you say and gives you choices not dictating what should be done. He s pleasant and attentive. I always enjoy coming to see him. He is the BEST.

I love starling physicians. They’re wonderful. I enjoyed going through my pregnancy with Dr. Morosky. He’s the very best along with his team behind him. My doctor for internal medicine is great too! Keep up the great work, and the positive team you’ve created at Starling!

This was my first visit with Dr. Sharma and I came away feeling like my concerns and problems were heard, understood and important. Clinically Dr. Sharma took the time to explain things and clearly mapped out a treatment plan that was understandable. Her chair-side manner and approach is very engaging and warm. I came away feeling that my concerns were her concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer her to others needing the services of a hematology.

Dr. Smith, has been my doctor for over 20 years. Evelyn is a compassionate professional in her field. She also has a great sense of humor which I appreciate! I have recommended Evelyn many many times over the years. Her office and staff have always been very good also.

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