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Primary Care Providers Accepting New Patients

New Britain

(860) 832-8150

Hoda Salam, MD

Mark Piekarsky, MD

Priya Roy, MD

Young J. Kwak, MD


(860) 329-0401

Zaneta Martinez, FNP


(860) 676-4820

Joyce Justin, MD


(860) 726-1455

Jozsef Piri, MD


(860) 594-1199 

Kimberly Gygi, DO

(860) 666-5252

Lisa Vanty, PA

Enfield & Cromwell

(860) 253-5330

Noah Starkey, MD

Wojciech Junger, APRN

Laura Scibelli, FNP

Kelly Nolin, APRN

Alexa Swan, APRN  


(860) 659-1379

Evelyn Smith, MD

Michael Deshaies, MD


 (860) 258-3464

Scott Walker, MD

Rachel Southard, APRN

Wethersfield & Cromwell

(860) 721-5731

Thomas Savinelli, MD  

Lauren Vo, APRN


(860) 747- 5766

Ashley Bogue, PA

Also, some of the dual specialists (Nephrology/Internal Medicine) will accept limited IM patients at various locations:

(860) 241-0700

Mathew Carley,MD

Alfred Vichot, MD


Need help finding an available primary care provider?  
Call our hotline at: (860) 258-3480 x2008. Check back regularly for updates about Starling primary care providers that are accepting new patients.