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Starling Infusion Centers

Leading the Way for Infusion Delivery in an Outpatient Setting

The Staring Infusion Centers are state-of-the-art outpatient facilities that provide a safe, convenient, and affordable solution for patients to receive intravenous therapies and injections under the supervision of our professional staff. We provide the highest quality care in a warm and inviting community setting and offer a cost-effective solution for high-cost drug administration, benefitting patients, insurance companies, and the healthcare system overall.

 By the Numbers…
 Comprehensive Infusion Services

Our Outpatient Infusion Centers are designed to provide patients with the treatment and support services needed, enabling them to balance their family and work commitments while avoiding a hospital setting.

We provide infusion therapies to patients experiencing the following diseases and conditions:

 Available Therapies

Our Outpatient Infusion Centers specializes in intravenous (IV) treatments. Services and treatments provided include:

 Safety Is Our #1 Priority

We utilize the most advanced technology and protocols to ensure the highest levels of safety:

 We Make It Convenient for You

We know our patients value convenience. Unlike hospital-affiliated infusion centers, we get you in quickly and ensure that your infusion is done as efficiently as possible. We offer a wide range of services to make our centers accessible and convenient for you:

 We Want You to Be Comfortable

Our priority is to make patients and their families feel right at home by creating a warm and personalized environment. Since infusion therapy can sometimes take several hours, our facilities are designed for optimal patient comfort and our staff goes above and beyond to provide a better healthcare experience.

Our Locations

1260 Silas Deane, Wethersfield

300 Kensington Avenue, New Britain

160 Hazard Avenue, Enfield 

Call: (860) 246-6647

Video to Learn More

Watch the video below to learn about our beautiful facility, dedicated team, and a wide range of services:

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