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I was a ticking time bomb!

August 13, 2018

Hear what one of our patients has to share about her recent success with the Starling Slim Start Weight Loss program.  Are you looking to lose weight safely, quickly and under the care of a physician? Visit or join us for our next kickoff meeting on Sept 5th or Sept 17th at 6pm in Wethersfield.

I was a ticking time bomb!

I’ve always been a food junkie. It took me a long time to come face to face with the reality that I had a weight problem. I always knew that weight was an issue and my family and friends were certainly noticing the weight gain, but I never took them seriously until I went in for my physical that I had postponed for about 3 years.

Being at 270 pounds with a BMI off the roof, I was diagnosed as being hypertensive. My doctor told me that I was a ticking time bomb and that it was time that I work seriously on managing my health. It was then she referred me to the ideal protein program managed through Starling Slim Start. I’ve been on quite a few weight loss programs, have taken different weight loss pills, and have never really seen any significant results until now. I started this program on May 7th at 263 pounds. The coaches walked me through the program and I thought to myself that it was ridiculous! Being a total skeptic, I started anyway. It took me about 3 weeks to get into the routine. I’ve been on this program for 12 weeks and have lost 33 pounds (40 total if you look at my true starting weight). 

This program WORKS! It’s not only great from a weight loss perspective, but also from a change in lifestyle perspective. It forces you to think and make right choices about what you eat. Even if you think of cheating, you’ve got a delicious range of products that can prevent that. From chips, to trail mix, to chocolate wafers, and even chocolate mug cake. It certainly has met my chocolate and salt cravings.

The Slim Start team at Starling Physicians is excellent. The coaches are so flexible and are always responsive to questions and concerns. I am glad that I chose this program and the team at Starling Physicians. 

Calling out to all skeptics…Ideal Protein works! Believe in yourself and stay committed.


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