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Starling Slim Start Weight Loss ProgramObesity is a major problem and can lead to a wide range of chronic conditions including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. Losing weight is challenging but attainable. Keeping weight off can be even harder and takes dedication, an understanding of healthy eating habits, and an ongoing commitment to maintaining weight loss.

The Starling Slim Start program will help you lose weight and learn the skills needed to eat a balanced diet. A dedicated team of doctors and nurses will partner with you to set realistic weight loss goals and will provide ongoing monitoring, support, and education so you can achieve your goal and sustain your weight loss.


Starling Slim Start Weight Loss ProgramYour Starling Slim Start Team

Your team will be comprised of physicians who will evaluate your health and a coach that will serve as your champion.

After extensive review, Starling Physicians chose the Ideal Protein system as part of their program. A physician developed this individualized, scientifically validated method over twenty years ago. It is only available under medical supervision. The program focuses on weight loss, in conjunction with eating education, to support permanent lifestyle changes.

It is a four-phase program. In the first phase, you lose weight by following a structured diet of food products and healthy food options. In the next phase, 
you transition and add new foods back into your diet. In the 3rd and 4th phase, you stabilize your weight loss and learn how to maintain a balanced weight over time.  Your Starling team is there to support you every step of the way. Over the course of a year, you will return for ongoing weight checks to ensure maintenance and receive ongoing support.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who can benefit from weight loss is a good candidate. In our recent pilot, participants lost an average of 40 pounds in the first 90 days. Click here to hear their stories. There is no target weight loss and we will work with each individual to create a customized weight loss goal based on body mass index, medical factors, and lifestyle.

Attend a Kickoff Meeting

To learn more about the Slim Start program, we invite you to attend a kickoff meeting in Wethersfield. Meet our team, learn about our approach, and sample food products. 

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 16th  in Wethersfield at 6pm. Call (860) 721-5748 or email


Questions & Answers

Why did Starling decide to offer this new program?

Obesity is a globally recognized chronic disease that is associated with multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. More than one third of U.S. adults are obese. Keeping up with Starling’s tradition of providing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, we have decided to introduce this program to improve the overall health of our population and empower people to live healthier lives.

What is the role that Starling Slim Start team will play? Why is this medical supervision necessary?

The team is comprised of physicians who will monitor your health and a coach that will be working directly with you. Your overall care plan will be supervised by a physician with whom you will have periodic meetings. There are many metabolic changes going on in your body as it transitions toward a healthier lifestyle. Based on your underlying medical conditions, your physician can ensure that any negative effects of weight loss may be anticipated in advance and measures taken to avoid them.

What is the role of the coach?

In addition to appointments with a doctor, participants are assigned to a personal coach who will help them develop an eating plan that optimally combines carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The coach also motivates the dieter through all four phases of the weight loss program.

Is it recommended for anyone who wants to lose some weight or for those over a certain BMI?

Anyone who is overweight can benefit from participating in this program.

How much weight can participants expect to lose?

In our recent pilot, participants lost an average of 40 pounds in the first 90 days.  Click here to hear the success stories of recent participants>> 

Is there a specific weight loss method that is being used?

After extensive review, Starling Physicians chose the Ideal Protein system as part of their program. The individualized, scientifically validated method was developed twenty years ago by a physician. It is only available under medical supervision. The program focuses on weight loss, in conjunction with eating education, to support permanent lifestyle changes.

What are some benefits of the program?
  • It treats weight issues at the source. By the time patients reach their weight loss goal, they will have transformed their body’s ability to metabolize sugar by re-educating their pancreas to produce only the right amount of insulin needed. This regimen is appropriate for diabetics.
  • It reduces carbohydrates and fats, not protein. In doing so, it preserves muscle tissue and protects vital organs to secure their proper function. In other words, dieters will lose fat, not muscle.
  • It features up to 20 grams of protein per portion, low saturated fats, no trans fats, and no aspartame.
  • It is a high biological protein, complete with eight essential amino acids, that recreates 100% of the biological value of a complete protein for maximum assimilation and absorption.
Are there phases to the program and what does each phase entail?

Phase 1 Weight Loss: starts on day one and lasts until 100% of weight loss is achieved. Three Ideal Protein food products are consumed per day, along with 4 cups of selected vegetables, unlimited lettuce, and 8 ounces of lean meat or fish. 

Phase 2 Transition: reduces Ideal Protein products to 2 per day and adds a second meal of 8 ounces of lean meat or fish. Phase 2 lasts a maximum of 2 weeks. 

Phase 3 Stabilization: focuses on stabilizing weight loss. You will re-introduce carbohydrates and healthy fats to your diet over a 14-day period, but in the morning only.

Phase 4 Maintenance: learn how to maintain a balanced weight after dieting. Participants start making their own customized meal plans. Over the course of a year, the participant is required to visit the Starling office 17 times for weight checks to ensure maintenance and receive ongoing support.

During all 4 Phases of the program, you will receive one-on-one weekly coaching. Part of this coaching includes educating you on what to eat, when to eat and in what combinations you should eat carbohydrates (sugar), fats, and proteins.

Are there specific foods that are part of this program?

Ideal Protein foods are integrated in Phases 1, 2, and 3.  Phases 3 and 4 require Ideal Complete Meal Replacement. All foods are bought and distributed at the weekly weigh-in. Essential vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3 are also part of the program and required. We provide the tools and coaching for participants to start making their own customized meal plans in Phase 4.

Why are there four phases?

In many ways, losing weight is the easy part. Anyone can lose weight…learning how you can maintain a stable weight is the ultimate goal. To achieve your weight loss goals and maintain the results, a weight loss program must empower dieters with the knowledge to develop balanced eating habits and smarter, sustainable lifestyle choices. 

What is the cost to participants? 

There will be a bundle pricing for the first week’s food, vitamins and consultation. Then weekly, you will just pay for the food that you order. You also will need to cover the costs of vitamins and supplements when they run out. 

Is the program available at every Starling office or only select towns?

Initially, our program is offered at our Wethersfield office. However, based on need, we will eventually offer this program at other locations.

Is exercise part of the program?

No, but patients are encouraged to continue with their exercise routines for overall health and wellness.

What can people expect in one of the upcoming kickoff meeting?

Our monthly kickoff meetings provide an overview of the program and why it works. The information is provided by a physician. There is a question and answer session and the opportunity to try some of the Ideal Protein products.

What support/monitoring is available after participants reach their target weight?

Phase 4 is the most crucial when participants start making their own meal plans. Over the course of a year, the participant is required to visit the Starling office 17 times for weight checks to ensure maintenance and receive ongoing support.

Where can I go to learn more?

Please refer to our website for periodic updates about the program and upcoming meetings. The Starling Facebook page will also have updates about meetings. Please email us at or call (860) 721-5748.

Hear From Participants

We recently piloted this program in our Wethersfield office. We were thrilled with the results and here are what three participants had to share:

Testimonial One: 

“In less than 3 months, I lost 40+ lbs. The best part about the program is how EASY it is. Yes, you are restricting yourself from all the “normal food” that you eat. However, there are so many choices with the Ideal Protein products that you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. You just don’t want the regular food, when you see amazing results, so fast and the products are tasty so that’s a plus!

Having a weekly meeting with your coach definitely helps you stay motivated and holds you accountable, which makes you want to show results when you get measured. Doing this program you definitely learn self-discipline when it comes to food and you realize that food is fuel and you only need it to survive. After doing this, I feel that I will definitely think twice about my portions and how much I really need to be eating.

Ideal Protein works! Give it your 100% and you will see results! While it’s a little pricey, it’s an expense that cannot be measured because there is no price for good health!”


Testimonial Two: 

“ My experience with Ideal Protein has been truly amazing.  I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and after having my second child I thought it would be literally impossible for me to lose the weight.  My doctor suggested that I lose weight and start eating healthier to try to improve my cholesterol and A1c. 

Since starting Ideal Protein, I have lost 41 pounds and I have honestly never felt better.  My coach has been instrumental throughout this entire process, she has always made me feel comfortable and confident at every appointment, as well as keeping me motivated.  The Ideal Protein videos have also been very informative and helpful, I watch them every morning. 

Surprisingly Ideal Protein has been the only program I have ever been successful with as well as being the easiest!  The food is quite good, after a while you will develop a preference for what food you like best.  I am still on phase 1 but I have already learned so much; I am feeling very confident that I will be able to successfully keep the weight off.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to lose weight and looking for a healthy and effective approach.“


Testimonial Three:

“I have lost 43 pounds so far and I will continue staying on Ideal Protein after the pilot program is over to reach my goal weight.  I feel better then ever and my family has noticed I have more and more energy. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to lose weight, feel better, and get off of prescription medication for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and even cholesterol.  

It’s very easy to bring the food with you where ever you go, in fact I’m taking a trip next month and Ideal Protein food will be coming with me. I can not thank Dr. Walker, Dr. McClure, Dr. Hadi and Dr. Georgievskiy for choosing me to be in this pilot program. It not only changed my life, but I feel it saved my life.”


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Meet Our Team

Stay tuned to learn about members of the Slim Start team…

Igor Georgievskiy, MD - Hospital Medicine, Starling Physicians

Dr. Igor Georgievskiy

Syed Hadi, MD - Hospital Medicine, Starling Physicians

Dr. Syed Hadi

Mitchell H. McClure, MD - Internal Medicine, Starling Physicians

Dr. Mitchell McClure

Scott Walker, MD - Internist, Starling Physicians

Dr. Scott Walker

Jennifer Kupec, RN




At our kickoff meeting, you will learn about the program, meet our team, hear success stories, and sample food products.

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