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We Are Here You During This Time

April 2, 2020

Medical offices and urgent care clinics continue to shut down across the state. But not Starling Physicians. We continue to be here for our patients and the community. Our providers now offer video conferencing to perform wellness checks, adjust medications, review labs, answer questions, and determine if you need to be seen. And, we continue to see patients in many offices to manage chronic health issues and urgent needs. We have implemented numerous procedures in our offices to help keep our patients safe.

While video conferencing cannot take the place of seeing a doctor face to face, our patients are quickly adapting and seeing the value of these visits during this time. And for those patients that need to be seen in person, they are appreciative of the extra safety precautions we are taking.

Here is what our patients have to share this week:

Excellent video appointment with Dr. Pennington. Almost like being in the office with him.

This was my first time with a video doctor appointment. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but the appointment was wonderful. All my questions with Dr. Powner were answered and I enjoyed speaking face-to-face with him. He seemed well-informed about my conditions and was very helpful. I would definitely do this type of appointment again.

Dr. Catherine Holmes is awesome! Whenever I reached out, always informative and helpful with my care! Highly recommend her as a wellness physician. I have temporarily moved to SC and recently did a video wellness check. To have access remotely to a trusted doctor is extremely important! I’ll miss her and the Starling Group but wish all well and be safe!!

Because of an episode with difficulty breathing and very rapid heartbeats, I appreciated being contacted by Dr. Russomanno. The phone contact was a good substitute to replace my pre-scheduled appointment. He thought my cardiologist handled my problem well and between both of them I feel that my problem is under control.  

Dr. Cortland is amazing. She took great care of me. She called me from home to make sure I was okay and took me into surgery right away and saved my life. If you need a true doctor, she’s the one.

This was a phone call appointment with Dr. Evelyn Smith. Dr. Smith called me back within an hour of my reaching out to the office. She was, as always, friendly and knowledgeable and put me at ease with my concerns.

I needed some medical attention during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Melnik and his staff of professionals were excellent. They made the process as simple as possible but still took the necessary precautions to keep the patients and the staff healthy. I am grateful for the service they are providing to their patients during this difficult time. My cheers to them!

Very comfortable experience as the staff and Dr. Norwood made me feel welcome and safe as measures were taken to guard against the Coronavirus. 

My experience with telemedicine was extremely positive.

Excellent job. I called last minute and was seen by one of your doctors. I couldn’t ask for better service.

I felt safe and the building was closely monitored. My first appt with Dr. Agarwal was very successful.

We arrived early and were escorted in quickly. I cannot think of any way to improve on that. 

I was impressed that Dr. Post looked at my case outside the box to resolve my health issue. He was excellent to explain everything in understandable language. This problem was good for telemedicine.

The consultation was conducted by Dr. Mansoor in a professional, friendly and informative manner. He answered my questions, very thorough in his explanations, and was very willing to take questions that required further review and discussion with associated cardiologist surgeon for details. A valued and very pleasant experience. 

Dr. Harris saw me immediately, listened to my concerns/symptoms, very attentive, caring. Thank you very much for all the work you do!

I thought the virtual appointment was wonderful. Thank the doctors so much for being so caring and professional. My doctor made me feel comfortable during this crazy time and answered all the questions. Please stay safe – God bless you all.

Thank you for providing this video conferencing service! It is truly appreciated during this time.

I had a FaceTime visit because of COVID-19. It went well. Discussed options for switching medications. I also was given some samples to pick up. Very helpful.

Wonderful to be able to see and have this visit with my doctor at this difficult time in our lives. Dr. Jhunja is a brilliant doctor and has such a kind and caring manner. I am blessed to have her as my general physician.

Everything was great. Thank you – great job! Be safe.

I am so pleased to be a patient of Dr. Joseph Tremaglio! He spent a lot of time discussing my medical issues. After reviewing my lab reports he felt my problem is not my kidneys but with my electrolytes, specifically my low sodium levels. He is ordering more blood work and will be back in touch when he gets these results. I couldn’t be happier than now be a patient of Dr. Tremaglio. My husband sat with me during our phone visit and felt exactly as I did. I know I’m in good hands and I felt much better when we finished our phone conference. Thank you Dr. Tremaglio!