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Two doctors make a dramatic difference in a patient’s life

March 6, 2018

I have been with Starling Physicians since 2012 and I can’t say enough about my experience – especially with my pulmonologist, Dr. Pope, and internist, Dr. Wisniewski. When I started my battle with lung cancer, I was referred to Dr. Pope who is the most amazing doctor I have ever met in my life. He is so down to earth, held my hand, and is so professional. I could use virtually every positive word in the dictionary to describe him.

When it came time to see a primary care doctor, I had been seeing one outside of Starling and didn’t like him. Even though he had a great reputation, he was arrogant and I hated going to see him. Dr. Pope referred me to Dr. Wisniewski and the minute he walked in with a big smile, I knew I was in good hands.  If I do blood work or testing, he calls me with results – even on weekends. If I call with an issue, I get my calls returned promptly.  When I go to Starling offices, I am seen quickly, without much wait. And everyone puts me at ease and makes me so comfortable.

I can’t say enough about my experience with Starling and these doctors. They are just awesome!