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Tips for Treating Sunburn

Starling Physicians Sunburn TipsSunburn occurs when your skin is exposed to too much UV light from rays of the sun without proper sunscreen and/or clothing protection. Symptoms of sunburn can include redness, warmth, blisters, stinging, and pain.

 Sunburn Strategies

Though prevention is the best medicine, these tips can help if you accidentally soak up too much sun.

 Stay safe by avoiding sunburns

These tips can be very helpful for the temporary symptoms related to a sunburn; however, long-lasting damage may already have occurred. This damage increases a person’s risk for developing skin cancer and premature aging, especially with repetitive exposure.

Remember to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun because prevention is critical to prevent skin damage and reduce your cancer risk. Click here to learn 6 things you need to know to keep your skin safe. Call your dermatologist if you are concerned about your risk for skin cancer and to learn how to better protect your skin from the sun.