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Stay Food Safe During Cookouts

Contributed by Elisa Marley, Dietitian

Warm weather means BBQ’s and picnics!  While it’s great to get out and enjoy the season…it’s important to keep in mind a few food safety tips so you and your family can avoid foodborne illness.  In the heat, foodborne bacteria multiply very rapidly and food poisoning can become the uninvited guest at your gathering.

It is important to always remember some of the most basic food prep rules:

Now that we reviewed the basics, let’s talk about putting all the delicious food out for guests to enjoy.  Since cookouts are usually informal, often guests will arrive at various times and look to eat at various times because they may be playing yard games, swimming, or busy socializing.  This results in food being left out for extended periods of time, often in very warm temperatures. As a host it can be difficult to know what is safe to keep out and what should go back in the refrigerator quickly.  Here are some guidelines to help you avoid trouble:

Enjoy your outdoor entertaining, but please be sure to be food safe so that your guests leave with full and happy tummies!

Download the Stay Food Safe During Cookouts Infographic: