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Starling Dialysis Access Surgeons Leading the Way with New Advancements in Care

October 23, 2019

Dr. Anne Lally and Dr. Matthew Brown are leading surgeons who ensure healthy vascular access to facilitate the highest level of dialysis access care. They are now utilizing the WavelinQ system for endovascular AV fistula creation. Dr. Brown shares that this is one of the most significant advancements for dialysis patient access in over 20 years.

Wave LinQ is a new endovascular surgical device used to create arteriovenous fistula percutaneously. The new nonsurgical procedure is used to prepare kidney failure patients for dialysis treatment. The WavelinQ system uses radio frequency to create an arteriovenous fistula, an important step in creating an access point for dialysis treatment.

The benefit is that now the patient can now undergo fistula creation without a surgical incision, with less pain, less complications, and shorter recovery.

Drs. Lally and Brown already have extensive experience in traditional surgical creation on arteriovenous fistulae and in endovascular surgical techniques. The additional training for using the Wavelin Q device was obtained at Houston Methodist Medical Center. This technology has been around for approximately 10 years and received FDA approval one year ago.

Drs. Lally and Brown work in our Dialysis Access Center at 505 Willard Avenue in Newington: (860) 665-7070.

Starling is proud to be at the forefront of technology!