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At Starling Physicians, our hematologists and oncologists provide care, counseling, and infusion services for the treatment of blood disorders and cancers.

  • Hematology is the specialty of internal medicine that deals with disorders of the blood and lymphatics, including anemia, bleeding disorders, sickle cell disease, leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma.
  • Oncology is the specialty of internal medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancerous disorders involving solid organs of the body, such as lung, breast, colon, and prostate.

Our hematologists and oncologists administer chemotherapy, perform special types of transfusions, and conduct bone marrow biopsies for analysis. They directly supervise all treatments performed in our Infusion Center. Your oncology doctor coordinates cancer care with your internist and all necessary specialists, including pulmonologists, surgeons, and gastroenterologists.

Our specialists follow patients from diagnosis through the entire course of treatment to end-of-life care. Our physicians and technicians provide a compassionate and personable medical environment. We provide medicine, but most importantly, we provide care.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Consultation and diagnosis
  • Comprehensive care of benign and malignant disorders
  • Family and genetic counseling
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy of malignancies
  • Palliative care and end-of-life treatment
  • Microscopic analysis of blood and bone marrow disorders
  • High-risk screening for breast cancer
  • Cancer survivorship programs

Services we provide include:

  • Care management
  • Anemia treatments
  • Phlebotomy iron treatments
  • Chemotherapy
  • Osteoporosis infusion care
  • Multiple sclerosis infusion care
  • Caring nursing staff
  • Supportive environment

We have infusions centers in Enfield, New Britain, and Wethersfield.

Our Wethersfield location has a newly renovated 26-chair outpatient Infusion Center for chemotherapy, Remicade®, Tysabri®, Provenge® and various antibiotics. Our patients can receive these services in a comfortable setting with wide-screen TVs and various books and magazines. Infusion services are also available in our Enfield and New Britain offices.

Our hematologists and oncologists practice at Hartford Hospital, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, and hold faculty appointments at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Watch our video to learn about why the Starling Infusion Centers are the most caring, safe, and convenient places to go if you require infusion or injection services.

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Meet Our Oncology Support Team

As a patient with cancer you may face some challenges in your journey towards improved health. Our multidisciplinary support team is a complimentary service offered here at Starling to help guide you through your individualized cancer treatment from diagnosis to completion of treatment.

Our goal is to be certain you have the resources and direction needed for a successful recovery.

Click here to learn more meet our oncology nurse navigator, oncology social worker, and registered dietitian>


Welcome to the Enhancing Oncology Model

As of July 1, we are now a participating practice in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM). This model will allow us to provide you with enhanced services including care coordination and navigation while continuing to adhere to national treatment guidelines for cancer care. Your participation in the EOM is free, and you can still choose any health care professional and all Medicare rights and protections remain the same.

The EOM will cover seven cancer types:

  • Chronic leukemia
  • Small intestine/colorectal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Breast and prostate cancer with certain exceptions

As a participant in the EOM model, you will have some additional team members who are here to support you through your cancer journey.


Kate Kilbride, RN, OCN, Oncology Nurse Navigator
(860) 246 – 6647, ext. 2028

Kate offers personalized access to you, your family and caregivers throughout your cancer treatment. She will assess your needs, coordinate your care and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment plan. She will be the go-between for you and your health care team, and as your advocate, she will assist you in your care transition from treatment to follow-up.


Jessica Lozada, LMSW, Oncology Social Worker
(860) 246 – 6647, ext. 2049

Jessica provides her expertise and compassion to help you manage the emotional, financial and logistical challenges of cancer treatment. She will help you connect with community resources and provide supportive therapy for you and your family throughout your cancer journey.


Elisa Marley, RD, CD, Registered Dietician
(860) 246 – 6647, ext. 2038

Elisa will partner with you to meet your health goals by providing comprehensive nutrition assessments and counseling. She is also available to help you with managing mouth sores, nausea, hydration, constipation, and other common side effects of your cancer treatment. 


Other benefits of the EOM program include:

  • Secure access to your medical records to make sure we have your most current medical information 24 hours a day.
  • Access to additional resources and services, including transportation, support groups, nutrition services, and information on clinical trials.
  • A copy of your detailed treatment plan that will include information about your condition, who is responsible for certain parts of your care, and what to expect during your treatment.
  • An estimate of the total cost of care for your cancer treatment related services.

To help us make the EOM work for you, we ask your help with the following:

  • We are available for you-24/7; so please contact us first unless you are having a medical emergency.
  • If you seek health care outside of Starling Physicians, please let us know so we can coordinate all care and medical records related to your treatment.
  • Help us improve by sharing your thoughts. Medicare will send a survey for you to complete as a participant in the EOM. Your answers are completely anonymous, and an overview of all survey results are sent to us by Medicare.

The EOM is one of many initiatives we have to improve your health care experience. Please contact us if you have any questions at 860-246-6647 x2062.


  • Read About Our Comprehensive Approach to Breast Health

    At Starling Physicians, we have a dedicated team focused on breast health. This team includes oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, occupational therapists, a nurse navigator, social worker, and dietitian. Together, we provide medical and surgical treatment for both breast cancer and benign breast conditions.

    We provide the highest quality care in a compassionate and timely manner. We place a strong emphasis on patient education, helping our patients understand risk factors and treatment options so they can select the best plan of care. And, we focus on the totality of your care including emotional, as well as logistical and economic, challenges. 

  • Learn About Our New Scalp Cooling to Prevent Hair Loss

    “Am I going to lose my hair?” is often the first question breast cancer patients ask when they initially find out they need chemotherapy. Starting in July, Starling Physicians is proud to be among the first oncology centers in the Greater Hartford area to offer the most innovative hair preservation system for breast cancer patients.

    Click here to learn more >>

  • We Offer a Hereditary Risk Assessment Program

    Understanding Genetic Conditions So You Can Make Informed Decisions About Your Health

    Hereditary Risk Assessment Starling PhysiciansIt is natural to be concerned about your risk of developing cancer when a family member has struggled with a similar disease. Cancer often develops by chance. In some cases, however, there are genetic factors that increase your likelihood of developing certain cancers over your lifetime.

    The Hereditary Risk Assessment Program at Starling Physicians can help you determine your risk of developing cancer, especially if you or someone in your family has been previously diagnosed. Our Hereditary Risk Assessment Advanced Practice Providers are specifically trained to help you understand genetic conditions, assess your risk of being affected by certain cancers, and support you in making informed decisions about testing and treatment.

    Who Should Consider Hereditary Risk Assessment? >>

    Hereditary Cancer Risks

    Based on genetics, some people and their family members are more likely to develop certain types of cancer. These families often share a common genetic factor, or altered gene, that is inherited. People in these families have a higher chance of developing cancer than those in the general public. At least ten percent of all cancers are due to an altered gene inherited from one or both of the person’s parents that are passed down in families. People who carry such altered genes do not always develop cancer, but their risk of developing cancer at some point is higher than average.Hereditary Risk Testing

    Some “red flags” for genetic related cancers include cancers under the age of 50, rare cancers, and families having multiple members with cancer.

    Altered genes:

    Many altered genes have been identified that can increase a person’s cancer risk. Genetic testing can be used to evaluate whether an ndividual has an altered gene associated with an increased risk of developing certain cancers such as breast, ovarian, colon, uterine, pancreatic, kidney, thyroid, and other cancers. If genetic testing identifies an altered gene (hereditary predisposition to cancer), the individual
    who carries the altered gene will be offered special cancer screening and prevention options which may play a key role in his or her healthcare decisions.

    About Genetic Education & Genetic Testing

    Genetic education and/or testing can help you evaluate your cancer risk so you can be proactive about your health.

    Genetic education:

    We will review your personal and family history of cancer to identify your risk factors and appropriate cancer screening and prevention options. Genetic education includes an explanation of the scientific information related to genetic testing and which genetic tests may be useful.

    Genetic testing:

    We will discuss the benefits, limitations, and options for genetic testing, as well as detailed interpretation of results, if you choose this path. Genetic testing may not be useful for everyone receiving genetic education.  Deciding whether to have genetic testing is a personal choice that can be made at the time of genetic education or in the future. Genetic testing is a simple blood test.

    For more information or to schedule a visit:

    9 Cranbrook Blvd., Enfield, CT
    (860) 253-5330 option 5

    1260 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT
    (860) 246-6647


    Recognized for hematology-oncology practices that meet nationally recognized standards for quality cancer care.

  • Our Dietitian Provides Nutritional Support and Counseling

    Starling is proud to have an on-site dietitian, Elisa Marley, RD CD. Ms. Marley provides our oncology patients with comprehensive nutrition assessments and counseling. She assists patients in the management of mouth sores, nausea, hydration, constipation, other common side effects of cancer treatment. She also partners with patients to ensure they maintain adequate nutrition and calorie consumption during treatment and recovery. She sees patients in Wethersfield and can be reached at (860) 246-6647 ext. 2072.

    Helpful Strategies for Managing Side Effects Through Diet

    Recipes to Enjoy

    Cancer Nutrition Resources

  • In-office Medication Dispensing For Hematology & Oncology Patients

    Conveniently fill your prescriptions at our oncology offices.

    There’s no need to make a separate trip to the pharmacy for prescriptions ordered by your physician. Starling Physicians can now fill a number of specialty prescriptions at our in-office dispensary. These include:

    • Oral chemotherapy
    • Hormonal therapy
    • Targeted medications
    • Antiobiotics
    • Supportive medications for side effect management

    Your physician will send your prescription to our in-office dispensary and you can pick it up at our Starling oncology office.

    Patient Centered Care with a Focus on You

    Our in-office dispensary is part of Starling’s commitment to patient-centered care. Filling specialty prescriptions at your physician’s office can save you time and improves coordination with your healthcare team.

    Managing the Costs of Cancer Treatment

    We understand that prescription benefit coverage can be confusing and overwhelming. Our dedicated pharmacy technician will take the time to verify your insurance coverage, investigate co-payment assistance and other financial programs, and ensure you are receiving the maximum drug benefits available.

    Helping You Understand Your Medications

    Cancer treatment regimens can be complicated. Your healthcare team will provide you with education and counseling prior to your prescription being filled.  Our pharmacy technician is available to address questions and concerns and communicate with your providers so treatment may be adjusted as needed.


    Starling In-office Dispensary:
    1260 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield
    (860) 721-5735 or (860) 246-6647 ext. 2070

  • Our Social Worker Provides Emotional and Logistical Support

    An oncology social worker offers counseling and provides valuable information to reduce your stress as you navigate through your cancer journey. Jessica Lozada is Starling’s licensed master social worker. She brings her expertise and compassion to help you manage the emotional, financial, and logistical challenges of treatment.

    She can help you:

    • Cope with a diagnosis and the emotions you may experience
    • Provide emotional support and counseling to you, your family, and caregivers
    • Improve your quality of life
    • Understand what it is like to live with cancer
    • Understand your financial benefits and insurance coverage
    • Apply for financial assistance programs
    • Access copay assistance programs for drugs
    • Find transportation to medical appointments
    • Make decisions regarding your treatment and other areas of your life
    • Fill out and file an advance directive
    • Talk with your treatment team, family, and friends
    • Find a local support group
    • Find a counselor in the community
    • Connect you to community resources

    Our oncology social worker plays a valuable role on your healthcare team. Let her serve as your advocate and help you every step of the way.

    Jessica Lozada, LMSW

    (860) 246-6647 ext. 2049

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    Advancements in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

    Dr. Daniel Morganstern is Starling’s new leading breast cancer subspecialist. He is interviewed on Fox TV about a major research finding that was recently published from the largest breast oncology study to date. This study found that women with early stage, estrogen positive breast cancer that had not spread to lymph nodes may no longer benefit from chemotherapy. Hear about how this finding dramatically shapes treatment options for breast cancer patients as we enter a new era of personalized medicine.

    Lung Cancer on the Rise for Women

    Dr. Madhavi Gorusu talks with Channel 8 about the alarming trend in rising lung cancer rates for non-smoking women. Learn how early detection is critical.

    Big Changes Ahead in Breast Cancer Treatment

    Dr. Morganstern talks with Brad Davis on WTIC about some of the new research which has dramatic implications for breast cancer treatment. This in depth interview explores what this means for women in Connecticut. 

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