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Can’t lose weight even though you have dieted, eat right, and exercise?

April 23, 2021

Dr. Oosman Tariq is a primary care doctor at Starling Physicians. He frequently gets the question above from patients who are frustrated about weight gain. Below he shares his advice for patients who struggle with this issue.

The first thing he stresses is that it is important to visit your primary care physician and rule out any metabolic causes or any conditions which might be preventing you from losing weight. There are a couple of conditions which, despite eating right or exercising, may prevent you from shedding that extra weight. These conditions include:

Once we rule out certain conditions, we can work on systematically addressing your issues. Your diet is very important, as well as exercise and lifestyle modification. I recommend to my patients that for obesity there has to be a lifestyle modification rather than binge dieting. I often recommend a dietitian who can counsel you on the quality and quantity of your food. For instance, a diet heavy on carbohydrates is one of the most comment reasons people fail to lose weight.


If this is a struggle you face, schedule a primary care visit today. Primary care providers focus on the totality of your health. They not only treat illness, but help you stay healthy with regular visits, preventive screenings, and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Tariq welcomes new patients to his Plainville practice.

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