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If you are a Medicare/Medicare Advantage patient, have you scheduled your Annual Wellness Visit this year?

June 3, 2020

Starling Physicians is committed to ensuring our patients get the very best of care and don’t miss any critical visits during this time of social distancing.  We can conduct your visit in the office or virtually in the comfort and safety of your home.  If you prefer to be seen, we are here for you.

Click here for a convenient list of our Internal Medicine offices and phone numbers.

Click here for a list of Primary Care providers taking new patients.

Key Aspects of Your Annual Wellness Visit

These visits are meant to help us chart a course so we can keep you healthy and address any concerns you might have. Medicare patients have no co-pay or out-of-pocket charge for their Annual Wellness Visit. 

Below is a list of the items we will assess during your visit:

If you’ve already scheduled or had your visit, know we are here to see you for other medical issues as well. 

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