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Highlight On Orthopedic Surgeon: Dr. Robert Belniak

February 5, 2019

Robert M. Belniak, MD, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine - Starling PhysiciansHere is what our patients have to share:

Dr. Belniak was great!  Surgery went perfect and on the road to recovery!  would recommend him to everyone!

My experience was AWESOME,  I would definitely recommend anybody to them. Especially Dr.Belniak, he’s one heck of an Orthopedist.

Easy to make an appointment. Fast results. Quality work.

Excellent orthopedist. Dr. Belniak has been my orthopedic for over 10 years.

I had shoulder replacement surgery. Terrific result! Looking forward to a great year on the golf course. Can’t thank Dr. Belniak and his staff enough!

Awesome doctor an staff from start to now. 7 weeks in from makoplasty partial knee replacement. I was driving on the 5th day, light work at 3weeks in, and bowling at the 5 week mark. Not one complaint great place. Thanks

I would highly recommend Dr. Belniak. I had two knee replacements and both were very successful.

I had a partial knee replacement go extremely bad at U Conn. I was offered a referral to Dr. Belniak to access the extent of modifying my condition. We decided on a full knee replacement with a few innovative corrective procedures to offset the damage done by the original partial. The outcome was fantastic. I am back to doing everything I did before, and some. The professionalism, experience and sincere compassion Dr. Belniak and his staff have shown me is a credit to modern medicine.

Dr. Belniak accommodated an emergent situation for me and scheduled surgery within two days of our initial consultation. I had not been ambulatory for nearly a month prior to the operation. Now, six weeks after surgery – I’m walking, riding a bike, and completely prescription drug free … basically I have my life back. Dr. Belniak did an excellent job on my hip (ball and socket replacement) and his follow-ups were helpful and professional.

Dr. Belniak performed an operation on my right shoulder for acromioclavicular joint arthritis and a complete tear of the right rotator cuff. I was off medication in 2 days with only slight pain. I am 2 years post operation and I am without pain or discomfort. Great Job –  #1 surgeon. I would recommend anyone. Good listener and easy to talk to. All questions answered.

Dr. Belniak and his entire team at Southington Surgical were very professional from admitting through discharge during my recent partial knee replacement surgery. Dr. Belniak is a very skilled and caring surgeon who I was fortunate to have work with me. The operation was excellent and the care I received post-op was outstanding.

Outstanding! From the beginning of the process, to the surgery, and now the post-surgery care everything has been fantastic. Dr. Belniak and his staff are terrific. The fact that I didn’t need any pain medication after surgery speaks volumes for the surgical skill level of Dr. Belniak. I can’t thank the doctor enough for the fine job and I expect nothing but the best outcome because of his fine work!

My total knee replacement surgery was a total success. It was done 6 weeks ago and I am doing everything that I had done prior to my surgery but better. I am amazed with how quickly I have healed, and I know it’s due to Dr. Belniak’s expertise in his field. I’m looking forward to many active years now that I have my two good knees! Thank you Dr. Belniak.

Last year I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and had such a positive experience with Dr. Belniak that as soon as I was healed- roughly 2.5 months, I scheduled my other shoulder surgery for bone spurs and bursitis. No one wants to have surgery, but he and his office staff made this process as painless as possible – physically and mentally. I really could not have asked for a better experience or better results. The only thing I would have done differently would been to do it sooner knowing this was going to be the result!

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