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Healthy Tips for Back to School

Students from pre-school to college are heading back to school and will be exposed to an increased number of germs and stressors.  Many often ask how to keep children healthy and strong throughout the school year to minimize missed class time.  Starling has put together some important essentials to make the school year a successful and healthy one for students of all ages.

 Stay current on all vaccines

Vaccines are the best way to protect your student from 16 different diseases.  During the pandemic many students did not receive vaccines and boosters on time.  Be sure to get your child up to date on all their vaccinations.  It is important to speak with your child’s doctor about what vaccines they need, including the seasonal flu vaccine and COVID-19.

Remind your student to wash their hands frequently

Hand washing with soap and water in one of the most important ways to stop the spread of germs. It is important to wash hands properly and especially after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing and using the bathroom.  It is also very important to wash hands before eating as touching our food will put germs directly into our mouths.  When hand washing with soap and water is not possible, be sure your student has hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol available to use instead.

Establish good sleeping habits  

Keeping your immune system strong and your stress levels down is strongly linked to getting proper amounts of sleep.  Be sure to make time to get a solid night of rest each night, at least 8 hours, and plan ahead as much as possible for activities and schoolwork to avoid having to stay up to late.  Lack of sleep has proven to lead to poor concentration, depression and a weakened immune system.

Eat well and stay hydrated

Keeping the body fueled with healthy foods and plenty of water keeps all your organs and systems working more efficiently.  It also prevents students from feeling hungry and getting distracted throughout the school day.  Throw healthy, easy-to-eat snacks in the school bag and be sure they have a bottle of water they can carry throughout the day.  A refillable water bottle is best – it is better for the environment and can easily be refilled at school if it runs out.  Staying hydrated helps the body flush out toxins and lets your body circulate blood more efficiently enabling white blood cells to fight germs better.

Be sure your student has time for physical activities and friends

Don’t forget to give your student time to move around, laugh, socialize and let off some steam!  Physical exercise, play time and laughter are great for the body and reduce the effects of stress by releasing positive endorphins in our bodies.  So be sure to make time in the busy schedules for some exercise and laughter.

If your student is feeling under the weather, keep them home  

Lastly, if your child is feeling under the weather, is coughing, sneezing, has aches or pains, sore throat or any level of fever, it is very important to keep them home.  Not only does staying home protect others from potentially being exposed to the illness, but it is important for your child’s recovery. Always call your child’s doctor with any concerns.

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