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Combat the Signs of Aging

October 12, 2018

Kenneth Andrews, MD – Ear Nose & ThroatIf want a more youthful appearance, there are many options. Starling’s facial plastics and reconstructive expert, Dr. Kenneth Andrews, answers some common questions about how you can rejuvenate your face.

What are the most common non-surgical procedures for patients seeking facial rejuvenation?

The most common procedures we perform on our patients seeking facial rejuvenation are the nonsurgical options including:

These nonsurgical interventions can provide subtle but significant improvements in freshening and rejuvenating one’s appearance.

Botox InjectionFor someone wanting to look younger without going for a partial or full facelift, what are some options?

There are many nonsurgical procedures that can provide subtle changes and improvements short of a full or partial facelift. There are energy treatments and peels, both laser and chemical, which can help tighten and stimulate growth of the underlying collagen which can help get the skin a younger and tighter appearance.  However, generally these options are only capable of subtle improvements and are not recommended for everyone.

When considering surgical options, are there procedures that can result in both cosmetic and functional improvement?

In some cases, there is an overlap between the cosmetic desires of the patient and addressing a functional deficit. For example, for someone with droopy eyelids, the patient has so much overhang that it begins to cause a visual impairment for which an upper eyelid lift would be medically indicated and generally covered by insurance. 

Another example would be patient with a history of nasal fracture or nasal deformity that impairs their breathing in which case a functional rhinoplasty may be medically covered as well.  Patients may also have functional impairments from scars from past injuries or surgeries which may be improved with scar revision procedure which would be medically indicated.

From your viewpoint as a doctor, what do you find most compelling about your work?

The most rewarding aspect of my work is coming to a shared vision with my patients on how to achieve a natural appearance so that when they look in the mirror they don’t feel like they’re looking at a stranger, just the best version of themselves.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about the wide range of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery options, click here.

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