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A New Year, A New You: Starling Slim Start

January 9, 2019

Here is what one of our recent participants has to share:

The Compliments Don’t Stop Coming

I have always been the husky kid and the guy people called “Big Jon.” The only perk I got was always getting to ride shotgun, so we could fit more people in the backseat. I always knew I was big, but never really felt unhealthy. No, I was not the fastest person in sports, and would get winded after a run or a hike. But since I was not required to do that every day, I never got the feeling of being unhealthy. It wasn’t until I started to get more tired later in the afternoon after my 8-hour desk job that I started to get worried. My doctor determined I had developed mild sleep apnea. It was then that I decided, and was advised, to try to lose some weight. I did try a couple of programs with very little commitment, since results were too slow and difficult for me to achieve. Then, when looking for a doctor’s phone number on the Starling Physicians website, I found the Slim Start Program. And that is when I found a program that gets results.

I started the Ideal Protein program when I was at age 34 and 336 lbs. After 9 months I have lost over 125 lbs., 14 inches in the gut, and went down three shirt sizes. More importantly, I do not have sleep apnea and feel much healthier. All I do now is receive compliments from everyone. “Wow, I did not recognize you.” “You look awesome.”  “You are a totally different person.” It can get almost annoying how often you hear it and answer the question, “Have you lost weight?” But everyone encourages you to keep it up and they are always jealous of you. 

Does the program require commitment? Yes, but you are making a commitment to yourself that will improve your life and make you healthier. I think the reason the program worked for me is that it did not require the amount of exercise many other programs do. Plus I will say I did not starve myself like other programs. You just have to make the right choices and get creative with your cooking. Never ate a leek until starting this program and got tired of chopping small green onions to add to my stir fries, soups, and meals. 

The Slim Start team at Starling Physicians is great and caring. I accidentally missed an appointment and they called me to make sure I wasn’t in the car accident that happened nearby. That just shows how much they care. They want to help you and keep you accountable so that you stay on the program and don’t cheat. If you can do that, then you will get fast results and be at your goal weight in no time. The program works!!!