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Welcome to Our New Director of Revenue Cycle

Hello all, 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Grant Crossman to the position of Director of Revenue Cycle, effective Monday, July 1, 2019.

Grant joined us from Hayes Management Consulting in May 2019 as our interim RCD Director.  Many of you may know Grant from the consulting work he did for Starling during the first quarter when he was with Hayes. 

Grant is an accomplished Director of Revenue Cycle Operations with over 33 years of experience supporting various physician groups and medical practices with revenue cycle services. He has proven success in growing revenues and reducing outstanding receivables. Grant is proficient at managing billing, compliance, audit, appeals and accounting activities. He also has a strong track record in building and managing strong revenue cycle teams.

Grant lives in Massachusetts and enjoys golfing at Shining Rock Golf Club in Northbridge.

Please join me in welcoming Grant to Starling Physicians.

Gary Golliher
Chief Financial Officer