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Update on Value-Based Payments to PCPs

Congratulations to all Starling primary care providers and staff on the spectacular care you provided in 2017 (and in 2018 as well, I’m sure). Click here for a summary of value-based payments to our PCPs for 2017 performance.

Value-based payments to Starling PCPs totaling $798,070 for care provided in 2017 came from the following sources:

  • Aetna  (Total:  $ 55,790)
    • Medicare Advantage (MA)
      • Optum QPAF forms
  • ConnectiCare (Total:  $111,782)
    • Medicare Advantage (MA)
      • Care Screen/QHI
  • United Healthcare  (Total:  $589,712)
    • Medicare Advantage (MA)
      • Quality:  Gaps-in-Care
      • HCC Coding:  Care Manager
  • Wellcare  ($ 40,785)
    • Medicare Advantage (MA)
      • Appointment Agendas

Due to the timing of health plan distributions, the incentive dollars associated with care provided in 2017 was paid in both 2017 and in 2018 (we received our last installment of 2017 incentive payments early this month). The incentive dollars were attributed to the physicians who earned them according to the health plans and recorded on the “Meaningful Use/Value Based Payment” line on your financial statements in Qlikview. Because of the timing of payments, which do not align with the timing of the work, it is not possible for you to match the dollars on the Meaningful Use/Value-based line on your financial statement with the total dollars on this report in any given period.

The final value-based payment related to 2017 work will be included in your quarterly distribution in September.

Thank you, again, to everyone who is helping move us forward in an increasingly value-based world.