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Thank you to our Starling Heroes

Every day, providers and staff go above and beyond expectations to care for patients in ways that are not required. That extra care and attention is part of what makes Starling a great place to work and receive care. Since the year began, I’ve become aware of two situations where Starling providers and staff exhibited true heroism in the face of unexpected and unfamiliar circumstances. Their stories follow.

In January, the wife of a Starling patient entered the New Britain office saying her husband was in the car and wasn’t doing well.  Cathy Coleman (Radiology) went to the car and tried to get the patient to respond by calling his name and tapping his shoulder.  Stacey Rolka (Administration) followed to assist Cathy and, discovering the patient was not responding, called 9-1-1.  Dr. Piekarsky went out to the car and, noting that the patient was unresponsive, called for help.  Drs. Honor, Badara, and Kevin Watson took the patient out of the car (this was January) and switched off doing compressions.  Kristina Pink, RN (Hem/Onc) started an IV.  Christine Stack and Roger Rosella (Respiratory Therapy) took turns administering the ambu bag until EMT services arrived.  While others were trying to revive the patient, Amy Ricardo (GI, Pulmonary, and Neurology) guided the patient’s wife inside, where she comforted her and reassured her that he was in good hands.

In February, a patient from our Bloomfield office called to say that he was going to take his life. Carrie Pajak took the phone and kept the patient engaged in conversation while Alisha Baez and Jo-Ellen Savage contacted the police and paramedics, who were able to reach the patient while he was still on the phone with Carrie.

None of the staff in these stories could have anticipated what those days would bring, and even the training we receive doesn’t always prepare us for these kinds of events.  I applaud the selfless heroism our staff exhibited in these very difficult circumstances.

Thanks to everyone who makes us proud to be part of the Starling family every day.

If you know of other unsung heroes at Starling, please let me know!  Send an email with “Heroes” in the subject line and I’ll do my best to tell the story on this site in the coming months.

Tracy King, CAO