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Quest Now Allowing Patients to Order Tests

Quest Diagnostics has recently implemented a new option allowing patients to select and order their own lab tests online, without physician involvement. Quest promises quick, convenient results, all overseen by licensed physicians.

Patients are encouraged to select among 35 tests/ panels that are priced at different points. This service is not covered by insurance plans. All testing is purchased by credit card, though health savings accounts may be able to be utilized. Click here to see the menu.

Results are sent directly to the patient through a Quest patient portal. Results are discussed/ handled through independent providers that support QuestDirect services (PWNHealth). It is up to the patient to decide whether to share the results with his or her doctor.

We find this direct-to-consumer approach to be troublesome. We want to make sure that patients are not ordering tests that are unnecessary, or are surprised to incur out of pocket costs. We also are concerned that our doctors will not be involved in interpreting results.

We want you to be aware of this new development and how it may impact patient care or questions that you may receive.

Starling Operations Team