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Our Revenue Cycle Department is Here For You

The RCD has been working this year to implement new products and applications to make Starling a stronger and more efficient company. Many of these systems have complicated technical components and require many hours of resource time to discuss, build, implement and finally monitor for progress. At the same time, we still need to make sure Starling’s day to day operations are running smoothly. 

To keep up with these changes there have been some changes in the RCD to accommodate these ever-growing technical pieces. Effective Monday, October 29th Sarah Holcomb will take on the challenge of implementing and working with our current and new systems as the Information Systems Administrator. She will also be overseeing training and working to build a more robust training system for our Starling employees in the RCD and Operations. The RCD managers, apart from the training department, will report directly to me going forward as we continue to build on strengthening the RCD work flows and communication.

If you need to contact someone in the RCD I have listed their names, responsibilities and extensions below. The practice managers are familiar with the RCD staff and can also help to direct you if you have any questions. 

Related To:

Tina Robinson

Director of Revenue Cycle


Ann McCoy

Reporting requests


Cindy Smith 

AR, denials and insurance follow up


Ekaterina Dubrovina

Adjust reports, front end work flow, Registration errors and coverage denials


Jacqueline Dunleavey

Coding and charge entry


Julie Aligata

Customer service, hardships, patient collections


Michele Otero

Provider credentialing


Sarah Holcomb

System related issues, corrections and additions, Phreesia, new implementations


Tarah Bacha

Patient and Insurance Payments, OTC


Travis Seymour

Insurance reimbursement, contract rates


This new structure will allow us to seamlessly implement new products and applications, provide staff with the education and training needed to keep up with health care changes, and keep Starling moving and growing towards meeting and exceeding the organizational RCD expectations and goals. 

If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Tina Robinson