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Starling Physicians has a fully integrated healthcare provider network, providing each practice with a unified approach to resources and capabilities for collaboration. Founded and managed by physicians, our healthcare organization was created to advance the concept of integrated medicine.

Our comprehensive treatment is facilitated by easy access to clinical information and ongoing dialogue and collaboration between providers across specialties. We provide extensive business management services and take the headaches away from managing a practice so that our providers can focus on healthcare delivery. We are positioned to engage in value-based contracting with payors that will enable our providers to be recognized for the team-based, coordinated, patient-centered care they provide.

Our physicians are active in the teaching residency program at Hartford Hospital and have a proud history of receiving the Hartford Hospital Department of Medicine Teaching Award. In addition, a large number of our physicians have been awarded the distinction of “Top Doctor.” This prestigious recognition is a special honor because physicians and other professionals in the medical community select the recipients for their medical skills and expertise.

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