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Integrative Medicince

About Integrative Medicine:

The goal of Integrative Medicine (IM) is to help patients and doctors combine traditional and evidence-based complementary treatments in order to: • Achieve better treatment results • Minimize side effects of tests, procedures, and medications • Recognize and engage the inner capacity of the human body and mind to regenerate and heal

Core values of this approach are recognition of the importance of the therapeutic relationship, appreciation of each individual experience, and treatment based on respect and dignity.

The Integrative Medicine approach has been recognized and implemented by the most advanced medical and cancer centers in the US and around the world to improve therapeutic outcomes and general patient satisfaction with care.

Newington Integrative Medicine About the Newington Integrative Medicine Center (NIMC):

Our practitioners at NIMC help patients and their families navigate the complex world of complementary treatments to find interventions that will be most beneficial and cost-effective. We provide a variety of treatment options in a convenient and comfortable setting.

Who Can Benefit from Integrative Medicine?

Anyone can benefit from Integrative Medicine, which focuses on wellness and prevention in order to ultimately help people enjoy an improved quality of life. The most common conditions for which people seek IM treatment include:

• Chronic pain • Anxiety • Stress management • Sleep issues • Weight loss • Addictions

IM can help people who face medical conditions and situations including:

• Cancer care • Respiratory illnesses • Cardiovascular conditions • Digestive illnesses • Musculoskeletal conditions • Chronic pain • Pregnancy and nursing • Anxiety and depression • Genitourinary conditions • Conditions of aging • Habit management • Pre-operative preparation

Our Integrative Medicine Expert

When seeking integrative medical care, it is important to see providers who are board-certified in this area and have expertise across the therapeutic spectrum.

Maryanna Polukhin, MD Board Certified Internal Medicine Board Certified Integrative Medicine Approved Consultant American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Internist Maryanna Polukhin, MD heads NIMC and has over a decade of experience working in the field. She provides IM consultations and partners with her patients to find the therapeutic approaches that can best address their needs. She is clinically trained in hypnosis, which has been found to have proven success in providing relief of chronic pain and reduction of symptoms associated with radiation and chemotherapy. Clinical hypnosis is useful in habit control, surgery preparation, and helps with anxiety, insomnia, and a variety of other conditions. Click here to view Dr. Polukhin’s full bio

Medical Hypnosis

Professional hypnotherapy is a tool to help individuals find the personal resources to cope with a variety of medical and personal issues. It is based on every person’s ability to find new solutions to old problems through a special type of concentration, often accompanied by general relaxation. Medical application of hypnosis offers an additional advantage by presenting suggestions for healing and wellbeing.

Medical hypnotherapy sessions can help individuals manage and cope with:

Click the video link below to hear Dr. Polukhin and other Starling providers and patients discuss the positive effects of hypnosis. 

View Video 

Benefits of Alternative Therapy

Click the video link below to hear Dr. Polukhin talk about the benefits of combining alternative therapies with traditional medicine View Video


To Get Started

If you believe that Integrative Medicine can be beneficial in conjunction with your current medical plan, please talk to your physician or call us to schedule a consultation.

Your initial consultation at NIMC will last approximately one hour.

During this visit, we will:

• Record your vital signs • Discuss your medical and other relevant history • Review your medications and supplements – please bring the list

We will then partner with you to determine the ideal treatment options and create a personalized plan. We will work with your internist, specialists, nurses, therapists, and family, when needed, to improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

We help individuals achieve optimal health by combining traditional and complementary approaches, and treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit, to attain a more comfortable and satisfying level of function.


For appointments, please call: (860) 666-5252

375 Willard Avenue, Newington, CT 06011

We accept most commercial insurance and Medicare plans are accepted.

Integrative Medicince

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