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Congratulations to Sue Peters: Going Above & Beyond to Deliver a Better Patient Experience

We recently have received two letters about our outstanding Physician Assistant, Susan Peters, who works in our pulmonary division. 

Here is what one grateful patient had to share:

Sue treated my mother in the hospital, as well as followed up on her care in a rehabilitation facility. She took care of my mother, coordinated her care, and became her champion. She was meticulous in her care and if she said she would follow-up on something, she always did. She was such a strong advocate for my mom that I am not sure my mom would have recovered and been able to return to her lifestyle if it had not been for Sue Peters.


A second letter about Sue came from a provider at Hartford Hospital who wanted to share how impressed she was with Sue as a colleague, clinical expert, and provider. Here are excerpts from the letter:

I was recently asked by a patient’s family member to pull together a family meeting to discuss a patient’s breathlessness. The family asked for Sue to attend and she agreed to come in, even though it was her day off. During the family meeting, the attending physician stated, “Sue, wish we had pulmonary function tests.” Sue readily retrieved them, presented the data, and how it explained the patient’s presentation and her breathlessness. She also explained the reason why the daughters were asking for palliative care to see the patient. Sue was also able to share the discussion that the patient had with her pulmonary provider earlier in the week at an outpatient appointment about goals of care, thinking about the future, and minimizing suffering. From here, the team ordered palliative care and further discussions occurred during that day with the patient and family leading to DNR/DNI and HOPE team at home with OxyFast for symptom management.

This is only one example of Sue’s dedication to exceptional patient care, patient advocacy, and empathy. Sue has the ability to understand why patients do what they do and how non-medical issues impact patients. I look forward to additional opportunities to work with her on the complex patients at Hartford Hospital.


We are proud to have dedicated providers like Sue on our Starling team. She embodies the Starling values of being patient-focused, accountable, compassionate, and collaborative. We are so pleased that she has been recognized by both patients and providers for her efforts to go above and beyond to deliver healthcare the way it should be.