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Compliance Committee Mission Statement

Starling Physicians is committed to providing comprehensive education and timely communication to our physicians regarding coding regulations, guidelines and documentation requirements. The Compliance Committee has been established to review CMS transmittals, the annual OIG Work Plan, the National Coding Distribution and industry publications and then disseminate this information throughout the organization.

The Starling Physicians Compliance Committee has three main areas of focus:

  1. To provide guidance for compliance with all CMS rules and regulations
  2. To assist physicians in selecting accurate billing codes, based on medical record  documentation, in order to receive fair and appropriate reimbursement for services provided
  3. To identify areas of risk for the organization and mitigate exposure for external audits

In addition, the Starling Physicians Compliance Committee has oversight in the following areas:

  1. Privacy Plan and HIPAA Policies
  2. Risk Management and Incident Reporting
  3. Sanctions for Physician Non-Compliance