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Allscripts Roll Out Schedule & Logistics

We are moving ahead with our Allscripts implementation for the GH branch. Below are some details about timing, the process, and your role in making it a success.

The Allscripts roll out plan is as follows:
  • Oncology is going live in September, 2016.
  • All IM locations are going live beginning January, 2017.
  • We are in the planning phase now for all other departments throughout 2017.  Our goal is to have a time line for you in November; we will continue to update you on our progress.

Why are these departments going first?

We selected these groups so that we can meet our quality and value based payment goals.

Why does it take this long?

We want to make sure that the needs of each department are met; we will analyze current state workflows and map to future state, build the correct IT infrastructure to support the project, and plan for other key software programs that require interfacing with Allscripts (beyond SRS) that you are currently using and need to maintain.  This is a systematic process to ensure that we implement a quality product across Starling.

What do we need from you?

  • We are asking for a physician representative from each department and their practice manager to be the touchstone for each department.
  • Look for continued updates on our progress.  Dr. Post will be presenting a live webcast Demonstration of Allscripts for our Providers in early August and then for our staff by early September.
  • Visit our demo lab for hardware and “physical” set up only.  Located at:  300 Kensington in IM 2 in Exam rooms 11 and 12.  See and use the options for exam room configurations in preparation for decision making for your department location(s). The lab is now open from 7am-6pm daily.  If coming between 7-8am, please contact our facilities team the day prior to arrange for access.

What if I have questions?

Please use our newly created EHR Communications e-mail box: We implemented this to provide Starling with a solution for bi-directional communication related to our Allscripts implementation. If you have any questions regarding the roll out and the process, please send directly to:

Your EHR implementation team:

Bryan Graven                                 Jarrod Post, MD

Karen Haverly, MD                         Lori Vinci

Alyssa Lynch                                  Mark Vye

Kara Olson                                      Neil Wasserman, MD

Christopher Phillips                       Deborah Weber