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Allscripts Implementation Off to a Great Start: Advice from Fellow Physicians

The Starling Allscripts implementation for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics has been very successful. Our staff and providers continue to learn new tips and tricks, and share with each other regularly.  Each day the staff and providers get a little more comfortable with the system and productivity increases. The support from our EHR team, the float staff, and super users from the CMG branch has been tremendous and demonstrates our organizational commitment to a successful rollout.

We’re hoping the following” words of wisdom” from two physicians who recently experienced the transition from SRS to Allscripts will be helpful to you. 

Dr. Marc Ramirez / Pediatrics:  

“I think any change can be hard but keep your eye on the prize!  Get used to the basics the first few days: focus on your assessments and plans. Every day you will be learning something new: do not expect to be an expert in Allscripts in a day or in a week or in a month.  Be positive! Share your tips and findings with your colleagues. We have found Allscripts to be more efficient in some areas right away.”

Dr. Neil Wasserman  / Internal Medicine New Britain:

“I think the biggest thing I can suggest is to decrease your schedule significantly for the first 3-4 days. Better to take a brief hit than fail because of the pressure to see all the patients and complete your notes.”