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Achieving Our Goal of Unified EHR Throughout Starling

2017 saw a dramatic change in Starling with the addition of over 100 providers to the Allscripts system and migration of thousands of patient encounters from SRS. As of 12/31/17 we reached our goal of a unified EHR for everyone in the organization. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this transition possible, including providers, practice managers, staff, NPS employees, and the Starling EHR team! This represents a significant step forward in our ability to function as a truly clinically integrated organization, and will enable us to capture the high quality of care we provide so we can share our story with Medicare and others in the health care community.

Ahead in 2018, we will all work through an upgrade to the Allscripts system in January, followed by the implementation of iMedic software, Allscripts’ chosen solution for capturing ophthalmology images and Prenatal, Allscripts’ software for Ob/Gyn pregnancy monitoring. Throughout the year, we will continue refining our use of Allscripts including streamlining workflows, adding interfaces with other organizations and devices, and standardizing our documentation where necessary to make reporting from the EHR possible. All of these steps represent a major investment in Starling’s future, which continues to look very bright. 

Wishing everyone a healthy and peaceful 2018!