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At Starling Physicians, our orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine experts restore the form and function of the extremities, spine, and related structures by medical, surgical, and physical means. Orthopaedic surgeons treat birth defects, trauma, infections, tumors, and diseases and injuries of the spine, hand, foot, hip, shoulder, and elbow. Sports medicine physicians specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injury and illness associated with sports or exercise.

Our orthopaedic specialists and sports medicine physicians are trained in the most advanced minimally invasive techniques. They integrate prevention in all treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties.

We provide a wide range of services across the orthopaedic spectrum:

  • ACL & PCL reconstruction
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Arthroscopy (knee, hip, ankle, elbow)
  • Care & treatment of fractures
  • Carpal tunnel repair
  • Cartilage transplantation
  • Hand and wrist treatment
  • Joint replacement
  • Meniscus repair
  • Shoulder instability repair
  • Shoulder rotator cuff repair
  • About Our Comprehensive Spine Center

    At Starling, we have brought together some of the leading specialists in spine care including an interventional pain management specialist, an orthopaedic spine surgeon, and a physiatrist. Our team works with patients from initial diagnosis to imaging, consultations, treatment, and follow-up. Find out the full range of services we offer to provide dramatic relief for back pain.

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  • Learn about our hand, wrist and elbow specialist

  • Learn about the newest innovation in knee replacement

    Dr. Robert Belniak is one of Connecticut’s leaders in utilizing MAKOplasty for partial and total knee replacement. MAKOplasty is robotic assisted technology that has revolutionized partial knee and hip replacement. It also has recently been approved for total knee replacement by a select group of orthopaedic surgeons.

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  • In the News

     Endoscopic repair for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome can be a life-changer. Hear one man’s story. Our new hand surgeon, Dr. Andrew Nelson has performed over 4000 of these repairs.


    Dr. Belniak talks with Better CT about the newest advancements in outpatient knee replacement that minimizes reliance on addictive pain narcotics.

    Dr. Belniak talks with Good Morning Connecticut about minimizing reliance on pain medication post-surgery.

    Drs. Karim and Alizadeh talk with Better CT about Starling’s comprehensive approach to back pain. Hear how surgery dramatically helped one patient.