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Our centralized Starling Physicians Laboratory, located on Lake Street in New Britain, is a highly complex CLIA licensed clinical laboratory. The lab is fully accredited nationally and by the state of Connecticut.

We offer several laboratory draw stations run by highly trained/certified Starling Physician med-techs that average twenty-two years of service. State-of-the-art equipment is used, including an advanced laboratory information system that is interfaced to the testing analyzers, several regional reference labs, electronic medical records, and billing system.

Services offered include:

  • Chemistry
  • Immunochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Coagulation*
  • Molecular
  • Urinalysis
  • Serology

* Finger stick PT/INR tests for monitoring Coumadin levels are offered at our Lake Street and Southington locations.

Benefits of Starling Labs:


  • We have several blood draw stations with plans to open more throughout 2018.
  • You don’t need an appointment, we get you in quickly, and make your visit as convenient as possible.
  • We will already have all your information in our system including lab requests and insurance.
  • We offer convenient hours.
  • We accept most major insurance – same as other labs.

Faster Results

  • We primarily serve Starling patients which means your labs are our #1 priority.
  • Our doctors have quicker access to your results and can see them right in your electronic health record as soon as they are available.
  • As long as you are a Starling patient, you can access your results right on our patient portal. You won’t need to login to an independent lab to see your results.

Nationally Accredited

  • Your blood work will be processed locally by our nationally accredited laboratory. That means we can get you quicker results that adhere to the same national standards of excellence as all other labs.
  • We offer the same routine laboratory testing as other leading labs such as Quest.
  • If we need to send your blood work for outside testing, we will expedite it to make sure we get your results as quickly as possible.

Please review the information below for draw station locations, insurance information, and frequently asked questions. Our main number is: (860) 827-4660.

Laboratory Draw Station Locations and Hours

  • Questions & Answers About Starling Labs

    I have always gone to Quest. Why should I change?

    As a Starling patient, we can get you in quickly and have all your information in our system. We primarily accept Starling patients at our draw stations, which means smaller crowds, less wait time, and faster results.

    Will I have to wait?

    Many non-Starling draw stations may have significant wait times. Even if you book an appointment, you could wait for some time to be seen. And, it may be difficult to get early morning appointments for fasting blood tests. We are committed to getting you in with minimal wait time.

    Do you run the same tests as other labs?

    We run the majority of routine labs in our nationally accredited lab. When we need to send tests out, your blood work will be sent to an appropriate laboratory and we will notify you of the results.

    Who will draw my blood?

    Our lab draw stations are run by highly trained phlebotomists who are skilled at making blood draw as efficient and painless as possible.

    What insurance do you accept?

    We accept the majority of insurance policies. Please check our website for details.

    What if I want to go to another lab?

    That is no problem. We just want to make sure you are aware of our new draw stations and laboratory services that are here for your convenience. We can still send your lab request to any lab that you choose.

    Will the costs be the same?

    The costs for lab services at Starling are similar to those of other labs. As always, our customer service team is available to assist with any billing questions or concerns.

    Do you take appointments?

    At this point, we do not need to schedule appointments and are committed to getting you in quickly with little to no wait time. Since we primarily accept Starling patients, this service is an added benefit to our patients. Other labs that do accept appointments may not have appointments available for several days and you may still encounter some wait time.

    Do you offer convenient hours?

    We try and offer the same hours as other labs. Some blood draw stations offer appointments starting as early as 6am and offer weekend hours. Hours by location can be found on www.starlingphysicians/lab.

    Can I see my results on my patient portal?

    As long as you are a Starling patient, you will be able to view most of your lab results on the Starling patient portal. Because they are run in our laboratory, the results should be available faster and you can access the results as soon as they are reviewed by your provider. Lab results for some other independent labs, such as Quest, will also be on the patient portal. If you see a non-Starling provider and use our labs, your lab results will not be on the patient portal.

    Where are draw stations located?

    We currently have draw stations in Enfield, New Britain, Newington, Plainville, Southington, and Wethersfield. We are opening additional locations this year. Updates, hours and locations can be found on www.starlingphysicians/lab.

  • Insurance Information

    Patients with the majority of insurance policies may have their blood drawn at any of our draw stations. However, we are unable to draw patients with the following insurance products:

    • BSCS Exchange
    • Multiplan PHCS Claims Adm
    • Multiplan PHCS Dakotacare
    • Multiplan PHCS Unicare
    • Preferred One (non-par)

    Testing that is not performed in-house, and testing for which Starling Physicians does not have a contract, will be sent to an appropriate laboratory. We do accept testing ordered by licensed non-Starling providers.