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Elder care encompasses a host of interrelated health issues, requiring personalized medical care for our aging population. As we graduate into “advanced adulthood,” we require medical care that is specialized for our dynamic and individual needs, beyond traditional primary care medicine. Starling Physicians is proud to have a dedicated team of board-certified physicians whose expertise is concentrated on these unique needs.

As medical directors at many of the skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in the area, our geriatric care professionals work closely with patients and their families to recommend the most comprehensive and customized plan of care.

Care for a Lifetime

If you need short- or long-term care in a skilled nursing facility, we have a preferred network of nursing homes where we can oversee your care. 

  • We have carefully screened and selected these nursing facilities to ensure they meet the highest standards
  • We provide the highest quality, personalized care which is the hallmark of Starling Physicians
  • There is a continuity of care as you remain part of our Starling family
  • We communicate regularly with your Starling primary care providers or Starling specialists
  • We continue to track and update your medical records in one system so all your Starling providers have access
  • We see you right in the nursing home so you don’t have to leave to see your Starling providers
  • Other Starling specialists, including Pulmonary and Cardiology, see patients directly in our preferred network of nursing homes
  • We remain focused on keeping you out of the hospital
  • When feasible, we look to get you out of the nursing home and back into the comfort of your home

We take a unified approach to the many health challenges of elder care. With the latest electronic health record technology, our specialists can connect with hospital and primary care physicians to get the most up-to-date details about your health.

Click here to learn more about our preferred nursing and assisted living facilities.

We Are Here For You

Let us help you care for those you care about. It is what we do best.  

To reach our Department of Geriatric Care, please call (860) 244-0148.

  • Our Preferred Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities

    Click here to learn more about our preferred nursing and assisted living facilities, including addresses and which doctors see patients there.



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