Leadership Team


Dr. Jarrod Post, Chief Executive Officer
jpost@starlingphysicians.com  (860) 258-3480 x1123

Tracy King, Chief Administrative Officer
tking@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x1101

Dr. Michael Posner, Chief Medical Officer
mposner@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x1123

Dr. Sarit Patel, Chairman of the Board
spatel@starlingphysicians.com; (860) 826-4460

Gary Golliher, Chief Financial Officer
TBD  (860) 258-3480  x1113

Dr. Arun Agarwal, Vice President, Grove Hill Branch
aagarwal@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x5829

Dr. Madhavi Gorusu, Vice President, CMG Branch
mgorusu@starlingphysicians.com  (860) 258-3480 x2042

Dr. Maryanna Polukhin, Vice President of Primary Care
mpolukhin@starlingphysicians.com  (860) 258-3480 x1123

Dr. John Russomanno, Vice President of Specialty Care
jrussomanno@starlingphysicians.com  (860) 258-3480 x5043


Billing & Finance

Kelly Lamb, Controller
klamb@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x1127

Tina Robinson, Director of Revenue Cycle
trobinson@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x1208 or just dial the extension if on the ShoreTel System


Compliance & EHR

Cindy Kisselburgh, Director of Compliance
ckisselburgh@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x1206 or just dial the extension if on the ShoreTel System

Kara Olson, Director of Clinical Transformation & Informatics
kolson@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x1200 or just dial the extension if on the ShoreTel System

Human Resources

Nancy Green, HR Director, for Employee Relations, Provider Payroll, 401k, and Malpractice Insurance
ngreen@starlingphysicians.com (860) 513-4887 or Shoretel x1102

Dawn Saling, Corporate Executive Assistant, for meetings and other corporate assistance
dsaling@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x 1107

Amy Sonstroem, HR Benefits Specialist, for Benefits, Disability, and FMLA
asonstroem@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3475 or Shoretel x1103

Lidia Welna, HR Manager, Grove Hill Staffing
lwelna@starlingphysicians.com (860) 224-6235



Lori Vinci for CMG Clinical Operations
lvinci@starlingphysicians.com (860) 258-3480 x2000 or just dial the extension if on the ShoreTel System

Deb Weber for GH Clinical Operations
dweber@starlingphysicians.com (860) 224-6257 (direct line)



Robin Walden for Marketing & Strategy Support
robwalden@cox.net  |  (860) 402-5212

Janine DiNatale for Website and Portal Updates/Issues


Technical Support

NPS for Technical Support
Help Desk (860) 722-9580 or x4357 or just dial the extension if on the ShoreTel System

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