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Instant Digital Access to Starling Physicians Imaging Records

We are pleased to announce that Starling Physicians has implemented a new electronic image sharing system called PocketHealth Patient Sharing. This platform enables our patients to share their Starling Physicians imaging records quickly, securely and more efficiently to other Starling providers and outside physicians.

PocketHealth is helping our Radiology team transition away from CDs to share imaging studies. Starting in mid-November, we will now start burning less CDs and encourage our patients to access and share their imaging records online through PocketHealth.

How PocketHealth Patient Sharing Works

Patient Sharing provides an easy, secure way for patients to access, permanently store and share their diagnostic imaging records with any healthcare providers.

Patients can request access to their imaging records by providing their email address to Starling Physicians. Then patients can visit to complete their enrollment.

Once enrolled, patients can view their entire imaging and share their records instantly through an Access Page which contains a unique security code for online access. Additionally, they can even burn their own CD/USB all from their PocketHealth account!

Benefits of PocketHealth

PocketHealth benefits of patients, providers, and staff.


There is a nominal $5 charge when a request for electronic records is made. This fee goes to PocketHealth and Starling does not receive any of the proceeds.  This fee replaces the charge that used to be issued when a CD was requested.

How to Sign-up for PocketHealth

If you are interested in taking advantage of the ease of online images, just provide your email to Starling Radiology upon check-in. We will provide you an easy-to-follow hand-out or follow the steps below:

Questions & Customer Support

If you have any questions about PocketHealth, please contact the PocketHealth Patient Experience team at 1-855-381-8522 or

How to Enroll

Our Radiology team can assist you. All you need to do is provide us with your email and follow a few simple steps. Below are the instructions.

Instructions to Enroll (English)

Information for Referring Physicians

Referring physicians can directly contact PocketHealth Provider Support team at 1-855-768-4455 or They also can contact Cathy Coleman at

We highly encourage our providers to promote the PocketHealth platform as the primary form of record access for our patients and appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping us achieve our goal of producing fewer CDs.