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Starling’s Balance Center

Balance problems make it hard for people to maintain stable posture and stay upright when standing, walking, and even sitting. Balance problems are more common in older adults and are the most common reason they seek help from a doctor. If balance problems go untreated, they can lead to falls.

Physical therapists can help people of all ages improve their balance. They perform balance testing and develop treatment plans that include physical activity to help improve the strength, stability, and movement of people with balance problems.

Here to Help

The Starling Balance Center is a specialized area within our Physical Therapy Department. Our goal is to help patients who struggle with dizziness and balance disorders. Patients may be referred to our Balance Center by a Primary Care doctor, an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, or another specialist.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation for balance issues are performed by our vestibular specialist, Brian Oliver. Brian works with patients to assess the source of balance issues. He begins with a clinical examination. Once the examination is complete, he creates a comprehensive, individualized program and partners with patients on their therapy to build strength and overcome balance related issues.

If balance therapy is not the optimal approach, Brian may refer a patient to our Ear, Nose, and Throat team or other specialists for further evaluation.

Don’t Delay

If balance problems go untreated, they can lead to falls. Physical therapy can help people of all ages who struggle with balance by improving strength, stability, and movement. To find out if you can benefit from a referral to our Balance Center, talk to your Primary Care doctor or your Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. They can determine appropriate next steps. Or, contact us at (860) 348-4850.

Meet Brian Oliver, PT, DPT

Brian is our vestibular specialist. He received his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health and Exercise from Colorado State University and went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin.
Brian is skilled in vertigo treatment, high-level balance re-training, concussion management, and post-operative care. He enjoys developing relationships with his patients and understanding their specific barriers in order to enhance their abilities and improve their clinical outcomes.
Brian currently sees patients on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the New Britain location at 292 West Main Street. To schedule an appointment, call (860) 348-4850.