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Access Center

Our Surgery Access Center

Located in Newington, our Access Center provides a private, outpatient setting where we can evaluate and treat common problems associated with the catheters, grafts, and fistulas necessary for dialysis access.

At our Access Center, board-certified nephrologists specializing in interventional nephrology are skilled in diagnostic and therapeutic AV shunt procedures, in addition to the insertion, replacement, or removal of central venous catheters.

Below are some common testing and treatment techniques:

All of these procedures are performed percutaneously, or through the skin, which means that there are no incisions or sutures required. Also, local sedation will be administered to ensure that each patient is comfortable throughout the treatment.

Click here to meet two of our transplant and surgical specialists.

Our Access Center team shares their approach to care and how they make a positive difference in the lives of dialysis patients. 

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