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Help fight colorectal cancer with a simple blood test. Join this study to help us develop a blood test that accurately and easily detects colorectal cancer (CRC).

What is the purpose of the PREEMPT CRC Clinical Trial?

PREEMPT CRC is Freenome’s prospective clinical trial that is enrolling about 25,000 average-risk individuals. The trial aims to validate a blood test that can provide an accurate, convenient, and patient-friendly option to those undergoing screening for CRC and to support its submission for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Early CRC detection saves lives.

According to the CDC, early detection can dramatically improve survival rates. That’s why we are looking to validate a simple blood test for early CRC detection.


The study plans to enroll 25,000 Americans from around the country. We are currently seeking participants:

Three easy steps to participate

  1. Get a standard blood draw
  2. Undergo your planned colonoscopy
  3. Receive our appreciation as a stipend for participating

To learn more

To learn more about participating as a Starling patient, please contact:

Kristine Calabrese

Clinical Research Coordinator

(860) 224-6266, x6616