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February 28, 2020

Attached is OptumCare’s recent edition of Evidence-Based Medicine. In this edition, they discuss: The New Oral Tetracyclines: Do they provide value? Comparison of Harms, Advantages, and Costs from Hematuria Guidelines…

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Evolution of Value-Based Care in CT

January 16, 2020

As we all know, the federal government via CMS has made long-term changes in how payments are, and will be, delivered to providers, with a focus on an increasing share…

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Hospital Privileges

January 9, 2020

We recommend that you maintain hospital privileges at more than one institution in the area. Payers require that we have privileges at a hospital in order to stay active on…

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June 7th Update

June 6, 2019

Quarter 2: I am pleased to report that thus far financial performance in this quarter is excellent.  Below are two graphs showing charges and payments; payments in May were the highest…

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May 31 Update

May 30, 2019

Car Allowance:  Please remember to send your documentation to the finance department ( or  I have attached again several documents.  One is the explanation and samples.  The other two are worksheets…

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May 10th Update

May 10, 2019

Car Allowance: please recall that we are instituting a policy that will allow much greater use of pre-tax money to pay for auto expenses. Attached is the explanation and policy statement.…

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March 28th Update

March 28, 2019

Revenue Cycle Items A lot of questions have come up related to the revenue cycle department. One is the reasons why patients sometimes get refunds, despite all the checking/authorizations that happen…

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March 15th Update

March 14, 2019

IT Hack:  We have had two nearly identical incidents in the last few weeks.  These involved a malicious link someone clicked that then compromised the user’s email account.  It sent…

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Update February 14, 2019

February 13, 2019

Dear Partners, We have a new CFO! I am very happy to report that a candidate has accepted our offer letter. I will follow-up with more information soon. Remember we are…

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Primer on Value-Based Revenue

January 24, 2019

There are a few types of value- or quality-based reimbursements out there, and I think as we try to increase the amount we can collect it is helpful to be…

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