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Sharing the Starling Story

This is an exciting time for Starling Physicians – the integration of two leading healthcare providers who are now even better together. A strategic marketing plan has been crafted to ensure that we reach our key audiences including: Starling providers and staff, current patients, the general public, referring physicians, recruits, hospitals, and the medical community.

We have four primary goals with our communication efforts:

  1. Reinforce the brand story with an emphasis on Starling’s unique approach to care
  2. Create a unified culture focused on delivering a better healthcare experience
  3. Share the vast content expertise of providers across specialties
  4. Build strong brand awareness the wide range of offerings and capabilities of Staring Physicians

We are utilizing a host of communication channels to achieve our goals. These include: print, digital ads, mobile messaging, radio, social media, website, and search engine optimization.

We are grateful to members of our marketing committee who provide strategic direction: Dr. Belniak, Dr. Doelger, Dr. Patel, Dr. Post, Dr. Shaneyfelt, Dr. Sowa, Dr. Stern, Tracy King (CIO), Mark Vye (CAO), Nancy Green (HR), Lori Vinci (Operations), Cindy Vaillancourt (practice mgr).

Our providers are key to our marketing success. Stay tuned for updates on how you can support our marketing efforts and share your content expertise.