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Allscripts Touchworks Refresher Training Videos

Oct/November 2019

How to do Referrals:

Documenting FMH information provided:

September, 2019

Copying a task to a note

Using Quick Chart

Patient Appointment list

August, 2019

Future dating orders

Editing vs. canceling an order

Changing your site

Linking a note to an encounter

Invalidating notes

July, 2019

Save and Verify CCDA Documents

Adding additional information to history items or active problems

Verify result task vs Review result task

May, 2019

Adding and Removing Pharmacies

Adding FYI and Alerts to Charts

Documenting and Viewing Consents

April, 2019

Reconciling Meds/Allergies/Problems

Show potential Duplicates

Medication Formulary

Documenting FMH Refusal

February, 2019 #1

Using roles in Care Team

Placing Orders with Diagnosis attached

February, 2019 #2

Sending FMH tasks

Replying to FMH tasks

January, 2019

Changing Providers when entering in-office orders

Changing facility when placing orders

what to do when putting in a lab and you get the “Failed Medical Necessity Checking” window

Placing Recurring orders

December, 2018 #1

Changing the date on an order and linking a note to an encounter

December, 2018 #2

Patient Care Team: Adding and removing providers

December, 2018 #3

Working the care team inside a providers note

November, 2018

How to reset your Allscripts password, Managing note  locks, Setting print/fax templates

October, 2018 #1

October, 2018 #2

September, 2018 #1

Sending FMH Invites: Logging into FMH, Searching for patient’s, sending invites, caregiver invites & some of what the patient sees in FMH

September, 2018 #2

Sending FMH tasks to patient’s, Portal Icon in Allscripts, setting up a FMH task and replying to a FMH task

August, 2018 # 1

Recording Allergies and reactions.

August, 2018 #2

Creating, Editing and Using Text Macros.

July, 2018 #1

Right click actions for RX’s.

July, 2018 #2

Reconciling meds/allergies/problems Recording CT PMP.

June, 2018 #1

Focus on sending printed or electronic referrals.

June, 2018 #2

Handling incoming referrals.

May, 2018 #1

Adding/removing lab favorites, creating favorite folders, ordering/using favorite folders.

May, 2018 #2

Citing results into a note, removing and hiding cited results.

April, 2018 #1

Patient care team, adding and removing providers.

April, 2018 #2

Working the care team inside a providers note.

April, 2018 #3

Mystery tips, clicks and tricks for managing note locks, patient appointment list and details, and quick appointments.

March, 2018 #1

Creating a new task, task types, how to send FMH task, and how to attach a document to a task.

March, 2018 #2

Using different buttons at the bottom of the task list, sorting your task list, working with 4 major task views, personalizing your task default.

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