Allscripts Touchworks Refresher Training Videos

May, 2019

Adding and Removing Pharmacies

Adding FYI and Alerts to Charts

Documenting and Viewing Consents

April, 2019

Reconciling Meds/Allergies/Problems

Show potential Duplicates

Medication Formulary

Documenting FMH Refusal

February, 2019 #1

Using roles in Care Team

Placing Orders with Diagnosis attached

February, 2019 #2

Sending FMH tasks

Replying to FMH tasks

January, 2019

Changing Providers when entering in-office orders

Changing facility when placing orders

what to do when putting in a lab and you get the “Failed Medical Necessity Checking” window

Placing Recurring orders

December, 2018 #1

Changing the date on an order and linking a note to an encounter

December, 2018 #2

Patient Care Team: Adding and removing providers

December, 2018 #3

Working the care team inside a providers note

November, 2018

How to reset your Allscripts password, Managing note  locks, Setting print/fax templates

October, 2018 #1

October, 2018 #2

September, 2018 #1

Sending FMH Invites: Logging into FMH, Searching for patient’s, sending invites, caregiver invites & some of what the patient sees in FMH

September, 2018 #2

Sending FMH tasks to patient’s, Portal Icon in Allscripts, setting up a FMH task and replying to a FMH task

August, 2018 # 1

Recording Allergies and reactions.

August, 2018 #2

Creating, Editing and Using Text Macros.

July, 2018 #1

Right click actions for RX’s.

July, 2018 #2

Reconciling meds/allergies/problems Recording CT PMP.

June, 2018 #1

Focus on sending printed or electronic referrals.

June, 2018 #2

Handling incoming referrals.

May, 2018 #1

Adding/removing lab favorites, creating favorite folders, ordering/using favorite folders.

May, 2018 #2

Citing results into a note, removing and hiding cited results.

April, 2018 #1

Patient care team, adding and removing providers.

April, 2018 #2

Working the care team inside a providers note.

April, 2018 #3

Mystery tips, clicks and tricks for managing note locks, patient appointment list and details, and quick appointments.

March, 2018 #1

Creating a new task, task types, how to send FMH task, and how to attach a document to a task.

March, 2018 #2

Using different buttons at the bottom of the task list, sorting your task list, working with 4 major task views, personalizing your task default.

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