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Diabetes Education Classes in Spring of 2021

April 7, 2021

We are pleased to have a wonderful diabetes educator, Lillian (Lil) Vozzolo, BS, RN, CDCES. She offers some extremely useful online classes for diabetic patients and their caregivers. Below is an overview of topics and upcoming dates.

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Diabetes Care & Management

Overview on what is diabetes, medication instruction, balancing food, medication, nutrition and exercise, blood glucose goals, tools to help successfully manage diabetes.

April 19 at 9am

May 3 at 9am

June 7 at 9am

Carbohydrate Counting & Meal Planning

Discussion on what are the macronutrients, how do carbohydrates affect your blood sugar, healthy meal planning.

April 26 at 9am

May 17 at 9am

June 14 at 9am

Sensor Therapy

Introduction to continuous glucose monitoring, interpretation of glucose monitoring, professional CGM trials, individual and group training on personal devices.

April 20 at 9am

May 11 at 9am

June 8 at 9am

Insulin Administration/ InPen Smart Insulin Pen

April 21 at 9am

May 26 at 9am

June 23 at 9am

Classes are free but preregistration is required.

Regsiter for Classes

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