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Meet Our Dialysis Access and General Surgeons

Starling is proud to have two highly skilled transplant and surgical specialists, Dr. Matthew Brown and Dr. Anne Lally who work in our Newington Access Center to ensure healthy vascular access and also perform general surgery. They provide both office based minor procedures and hospital based care for more complex surgery.  

Meet Our Surgeons

Matthew G. Brown, MD, Department of Nephrology - Starling Physicians

Dr. Matthew Brown:

Dr. Brown is a transplant and surgical specialist. He practiced as a transplant/general surgeon with Hartford Hospital since 1997. He served as the surgical director for liver transplantation for 15 years and is widely published on this topic. His areas of interest include renal and liver transplant, hepatobiliary general surgery, and vascular access.

At Starling, Dr. Brown’s surgical practice is based in our Dialysis Access Center in Newington. In addition to general surgery, he provides open and endovascular dialysis access surgery. This includes recent advances such as HeRo grafts, percutaneous avf creation, advanced AV grafts (thigh, chest loop, cadaver is vein). He also provides peritoneal dialysis catheter placement using advanced laparoscopy and percutaneous methods. He also has expertise in the surgical management of hyperparathyroidism.

Dr. Brown performs general surgery at Hartford Hospital and the Connecticut Surgical Center. He is an expert in hernia repair abdominal surgeries, and surgeries of the kidneys and liver.

He is a proud army veteran having served two tours in the Iraq War.  He is a two-time recipient of the prestigious “Top Doctor” award.

Anne Lally, MD, Department of Nephrology - Starling Physicians

Dr. Anne Lally:

Dr. Lally is a transplant and surgical specialist. Since 2002, she has played a key role in the Hartford Hospital’s Department of Surgery as a transplant and general surgeon. She served as surgical director of their kidney transplant program since 2013. She has published extensively on the topic of kidney and liver transplantation. She lectures on transplant surgery and advances in dialysis access surgery.

Dr. Lally’s surgical practice is now with Starling Physicians based at the Newington Access Center. There she provides open and endovascular dialysis access surgery including recent advances such as HERO stent grafts, percutaneous and laparoscopic peritoneal catheters, and percutaneous AVF creation (WaveLinQ). She also performs fistulas and grafts for dialysis access using advance techniques: cadaveric veins, thigh grafts, Bovine grafts and chest loops. She also performs parathyroidectomy for hyperparathyroidism. In addition, she is a general surgeon at Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Surgical Center doing many procedures such as hernias, gall bladders, abdominal surgery, and procedures on the liver and kidneys.

Drs. Brown and Lally see patients in Newington: (860) 665-7070.