Meet the New Members of Our Physician Executive Team

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce new members of our physician executive team.   

Michael G. Posner, MD - Surgery, Starling PhysiciiansMichael Posner, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Posner is in practice as a general surgeon. He is a member of both the Starling and Grove Hill boards, and well as the lead of our Finance committee. Over the past two years, he has led the process of updating Starling’s overhead allocation policy and is a tireless advocate of Starling.

Maryanna Polukhin Maryanna Polukhin, MD - Internist, Starling Physicians, MD

Vice President of Primary Care

Dr. Polukhin practices as an internist in Newington. She is an innovative thinker who developed the Newington Integrative Medicine Center and is board certified in both internal and integrative medicine. She is a strong physician advocate and is a significant addition to the management team. She works with our internists to determine how Starling can provide optimal support for primary care. She currently is focused on optimizing our chronic care program, cultivating smart analytics for clinical practice, and developing stress reduction programs.

John John H. Russomanno, MD - Pulmonologist, Starling PhysiciansRussomanno, MD

Vice President of Specialty Care

Dr. Russomanno practices pulmonary and critical care at Hartford Hospital and sees patients in Bloomfield, Farmington, and Wethersfield. Prior to Starling’s formation, he served as former president of the CMG branch and is a current Starling board member. His perspective and judgment are invaluable at this pivotal point for Starling as we enter a new era of growth and opportunity. In the short term, he will partnering with our specialty care providers to determine how Starling can best provide support for their different practice areas. He is currently helping in development with ambulatory surgery center options and improvement of referral patterns.


This begins a time of the new era of growth and opportunity for Starling, with physician leaders that are placed to make the systems we have better, increase our integration and growth, and provide an unprecedented level of engagement. As a physician-driven and owned group, we need to increase and energize responsiveness to physician needs and questions. These partners will better allow us to learn and build from each other, and keep us an agile and robust organization.

Sarit M. Patel, MD, MBA, Board Chairman                                  Jarrod Post, MD, MBA, CEO