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Dr. Azimov is an experienced physiatrist, specializing in minimally invasive spinal care and managing pain in the neck and back, as well as other joints including the knee. He is joined by Troy Chilson, PA-C who also specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain taking a multidisciplinary approach. Their goal is to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments, pain, or disabilities.

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• Very good, caring doctor. Awesome and compassionate.
• Dr. Azimov is great. Just started seeing him as a doctor for my back issues and shots.
• Dr. Azimov is the best, I highly recommend him!
• The Miracle Man seeing him again at the new location tomorrow.
• I have been going to Dr. Azimov for knee and back pain he is the best.
• Such a wonderful doctor… caring, knowledgeable and compassionate! Dr. Azimov is the only doctor who has been able to help my father relieve some of his debilitating pain!
• He does my facet joint injections. I love him!
• I have seen Dr. Azimov about 3 times when he was in MA. He is very professional and friendly.
• One of the best in the world!
• He is a great doctor. He was my spine doctor for years.
• Love him. Been seeing him for the last 4 years!!
• Very good, caring doctor. Awesome and compassionate.
• I had trigger point injections in my shoulders due to degenerative discs in my neck
• Dr. Azimov is a wonderful pain specialist and a good person. I’ve been getting his spine injections for years, and they give me many months of relief from low back pain.
• Efficient, comfortable,  professional, and friendly.
• It was very comfortable and professional.  Thumbs up 👍 🙌
• Very polite and understanding doctor. Would go back anytime and highly recommend him.
• The entire staff was excellent! Dr. Azimov was very personable and really easy to talk to.
• I found Dr. Azimov to be very attentive. He spent time speaking to me about my concerns.  I do not have an issue that requires any further appts but I did leave with a good grasp on what to do going forward.
• Dr. Azimov is very knowledgeable, intelligent, and very easy to talk with. He will listen and explain your options. I am extremely pleased with the medical support and professionalism of everyone in the office.
• I was greeted immediately by a cheerful, very nice staff. The wait was very short in the waiting room and the exam room, which is rare these days and greatly appreciated. Dr. Azimov was friendly, attentive, and thorough. He immediately started arranging things so I could get the help that my insurance would pay. All in all, it’s the best doctor visit I have had in 20 years. I avoid doctor’s offices because of all the headaches involved but I was pleasantly surprised with my visit yesterday.
• Great customer service.
• Dr. Azimov was very pleasant and helpful with my knee problem. I would recommend him highly.
• It was very my first appointment with Dr. Azimov. I not only found him very knowledgeable. I also found him very easy to talk to. He understood my problem and explained it to me in a language that I could understand.
• I had a very good, comprehensive experience with Dr. Azimov.
• He is a really professional doctor and really kind with his patience. He listens to you.
• He was my mom’s doctor and he did so much for her. Thank you for all you did for her, you are the best.
• Dr. Azimov is a very knowledgeable, intelligent, and understanding doctor. Not only does he care and listen, but he also has a very good sense of humor. I trust my health in Dr. Azimov’s hands because I truly believe he is trying to help. Thank you Dr. Azimov – I appreciate the time you take to really listen and help me. 
• One of the best doctors I’ve ever had and I’m 67 years old and I had plenty.
• I had an excellent experience. The lady at the front desk was nice and polite. The nurses and Dr. Azimov and everyone in the operating room were very polite and explained things really well! I would never ever go anywhere else. All the staff makes me feel very, very comfortable. I thank you for your help.
• This place is easy to get to, and the staff was pleasant, kind, and fast. Dr. Azimov was very kind, professional, very caring, and attentive making you feel peaceful. I recommend him to anyone.
• AAA+ – excellent.  Dr. Azimov is the best one anyone could ever want in a doctor.
• I have been seeing Dr. Azimov for 2 years now and he is amazing, compassionate, professional, and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He keeps working to make you feel better and is always looking to find a solution. I confidently recommend his services and his professional office staff.
• My experience with Troy and Dr. Azimov has been very good.  I’m awaiting my follow-up appointment.
• Dr. Azimov was extremely helpful and made an appointment for me to have an MRI almost immediately. He was extremely professional.
• Dr. Azimov is a conscientious, very nice doctor. I like him very much. He listens to me and considers my feelings. I followed him from Trinity Health. Thank you Dr. Azimov!
• I suffered from neck pain for years. Every doctor I went to dismissed me and told me to stretch and use heat on it. Dr. Azimov is the only doctor who listened to me. Found out I have a bulging disc in my neck and it’s pressing on a nerve. WOW! I’m currently waiting to set up my cortisone shot. Great doctor!
• I had a good experience. Everyone was very friendly. The doctor was great. I will go back.
• Extremely pleased with the medical support and professionalism of everyone in the office. The RNs are knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. The check-in process was quick and easy, even for my first time. Dr. Azimov is very impressive. He took the time to fully understand my medical issues, which are complex, then discussed many different options for corrective measures. I didn’t feel rushed at all, and he listened to any concerns I may have had and provided a detailed plan forward. I couldn’t say there was anything negative about my visit, I highly recommend this practice.
• He and his staff are very professional and friendly. The doctor was punctual no long waiting time. He was very personable and showed concern, it was not a rushed appointment. He even called after hours to discuss findings. 
• Dr. Azimov has treated me for many years. He has always taken the time to listen to my concerns and areas of pain. Then he explains treatment options to deal with my issues. I have complete confidence in Dr. Azimov.

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