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Dr. Michael LeGeyt: Our Hand, Wrist & Elbow Specialist

Helping Patients Restore Function and MobilityHand, Wrist & Elbow Specialist, Dr Legeyt

You depend on your hands to perform countless tasks each day. In the absence of pain or injury, you may take their amazing abilities for granted. Your hands and wrists contain an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels, as well as bones and tendons, ligaments, and muscles, some of which extend to the elbow.

Wrist injuries, hand disorders, and elbow conditions are common and can cause pain, loss of sensation, loss of movement, and impaired function. The constant motion of your hands and wrists also makes them susceptible to repetitive motion disorders and arthritis. Problems in these areas must be carefully treated because of all the structures and functions involved.

Meet Starling Physician’s Hand, Wrist & Elbow Specialist

Dr. Michael LeGeyt is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with advanced training and certification in hand surgery. He received his medical degree from University of Connecticut and completed an orthopaedic residency at Seton Hall University. He did a fellowship in sports medicine at Seton Hall, as well as a fellowship in hand, upper extremity, and microsurgery at Brown University.

Since 2001, Dr. LeGeyt has provided exceptional orthopaedic care to patients in New Britain and surrounding towns. He spent over a decade in private practice at Connecticut Hand Specialists. He joined Starling Physicians in 2012 and enjoys working with dedicated physicians who provide the full spectrum of patient care.

Advanced Treatment for Hand Conditions

Dr. LeGeyt provides a wide range of hand surgery services that includes both non-operative and operative procedures, along with rehabilitation of the hand, wrist, and elbow. He provides treatment for hand conditions including:

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Hand Arthritis

• Ganglion Cysts

• Tennis Elbow

• De Quervain’s Disease

• Trigger Finger

• Tendonitis

• Dupuytren’s Disease

• Workers Compensation

• IMEs

As an innovator in the field, he utilizes the newest surgical techniques to achieve superior results with faster recovery time.

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Hand Therapy

Dr. LeGeyt’s office offers on-site hand therapy, performed by a highly trained occupational therapist. Hand therapy can be beneficial and may be prescribed for a number of conditions, including:

• Wounds, scars, and burns

• Injured tendons or nerves

• Amputation

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow

• Arthritis



I believe every step of the patient experience is important for your satisfaction. I get you in quickly, spend time

educating you about your condition, and provide the necessary follow- up care and rehabilitation to help you live an active and pain-free lifestyle.

In addition to my clinical and surgical duties, I enjoy spending time with my wife and five children, as well as taking an occasional fishing trip. The experiences I share with you, among others, convinced me to pursue a career in orthopaedics. My family continues to inspire me to be the best I can be. I am dedicated to helping people recover and offer my patients the best care and service possible

I look forward to meeting you.

Michael LeGeyt, MD

Inspired To Help Others on the Path to Recovery

Dr. LeGeyt’s passion for medicine began as a child when his tonsils were removed. He still remembers the caring manner of his family physician, who spent the time to explain the procedure and went the extra mile to deliver a better healthcare experience.

At age 11, Dr. LeGeyt learned firsthand the miracles of modern medicine when his father fell while working construction. The orthopaedic team was able to save his father’s life and, after years of therapy and countless operations, restore him to good health. Both of these experiences shaped Dr. LeGeyt’s desire to pursue a medical career where he could make a difference in peoples’ lives by delivering the best care and service possible.

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