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Jeannine Maytan, RN, MSN, CNM, OB/GYN

July 29, 2018

Jeannine was called to the profession of midwifery after a successful career as a women’s clothing designer. Prior to becoming a midwife, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse in the Midwest and New York. She loves learning about her patients and helping them feel empowered.

She shares, “Being a nurse midwife is a gift; I get to work in service to women and their families while they are at their most vulnerable, and use my expertise to illuminate their inherent power in those moments of vulnerability. I love seeing my patients on the other side of labor, after their babies are in their arms, and they have a glow of pride from their accomplishments. Beyond the birthing suite, I want to be a mirror for my patients and meet them where they are on any given day so that they may see the strength in themselves reflected back.”

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