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We Are Here For You During This Time

We are extremely grateful for our patients who have worked with us throughout this pandemic. Many of you took advantage of Telemedicine visits which were an excellent way for us to manage health issues, answer your questions, and adjust medications. While we did continue to see urgent or chronic issues in the offices, we were pleased that Telemedicine was a viable alternative.

We love hearing your feedback and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Here is what our patients have to share:

Very efficiently run practice- especially during COVID. Excellent, respectful care.

Starling was very clean. Following the guidelines. All my questions were answered. They have a great staff!

The office staff took social distancing, sanitation and cleanliness very seriously and competently.

My experience was fine. I felt safe with the practices in place at the facility and my doctor is terrific. He is knowledgeable, kind and responsive.

I thought my experience at Starling was excellent. In spite of COVID I felt perfectly safe and everyone followed great protocols. Dr Walker answered my questions and completed my procedure perfectly. No improvements needed!

It was a pleasant experience. I felt that adequate precautions were in place with respect to COVID. As always the attention from the doctors, physician assistants to the front office admins was customer centric.

I really liked the online registration process. It was efficient and in light of COVID a good measure to promote social distancing.

Outstanding service from the moment I walked through the door. Nurses took temperature asked all pertinent questions regarding COVID, and Dr. Napoletano was as always friendly, listened to all of my concerns and addressed each and every one, and also laid out a plan of action to address the issues.

Very pleasant experience during this COVID-19 pandemic with social distancing. I was a little nervous about going to my appointment but all safety precautions were in place and the staff made me relaxed during my wait. Dr. Patel is always nice and professional. Takes the time to explain what’s going on. Always a pleasure to see him.

I called Dr. Seremet’s office Tuesday morning with crusty itchy eyes. The receptionist was very kind and gave me an appointment the same day. I was in the waiting room for just a short time when I was called in. Everyone was masked and the rooms cleaned after each patient. The doctor examined me and came to a diagnosis. He made me feel better by describing what it was. Gave me a sample, showed me how to use it and called in a prescription. My experience was nothing but awesome. Thank you Dr. Seremet and team.

I felt very comfortable there. The waiting room is marked clearly on what you should do. I completed my paperwork before my visit checked in and was immediately brought to the exam room. I was seen right on time.

Everyone was very cautious. Thanks for making me feel welcome and safe. Greatly appreciated.

I was very impressed with the procedures they had in place because of the virus. 

Everyone was so considerate. Angela, my nurse was just so nice.

Dr. Rock as always very professional and makes me feel at ease.

Everything was great. Dr. El Mallah had an emergency but I was called and came in later. We all wore our masks and everything was cleaned after being touched. All of my doctors are Starling and I am very satisfied. Dr. El Mallah is wonderful. Thank you.

Appointment on time. Facility clean, protective, very concerned that everything was protected. Very efficient.

Well done appointment during the COVID pandemic, taking all the right precautions to protect patients and staff.

I have been seeing Dr. Cortland for years and have always found her to be amazing. This time though I feel she was beyond wonderful. During this time of quarantine and COVID-19 it is a very emotional time and she was so comforting and made me feel better by the end of the appointment. I really appreciate her thoroughness and genuine care.

Everything went smoothly. Organized and isolated.

I was very satisfied with the experience, feeling that my health and safety was of paramount importance to all. Dr. Agarwal and his assistant are exemplary professionals: thorough, friendly, and, above all encouragingly knowledgeable. I know I am in good hands.

I was very comfortable in the office. All precautions were taken. Dr. Deshaies was thorough in his examination and addressed any concerns I had. Staff who were present were accommodating and pleasant.

I was very impressed with the safety procedures when I came in for my physical. My temperature was taken upon entry, everyone wore masks and the waiting area was not crowded so we could maintain a good distance.

Very pleased with my visit to Dr. Piri yesterday. The office and staff did an excellent job of distancing, masks and hand sanitizers. Dr. Piri got to the source of my medical issue and he and his assistant got me an appointment to see a specialist two days later. I am very happy that I went to the office yesterday, I think he is a fine Doctor.

The zoom appointment I had with Dr. Pope was excellent. It’s as close as you can get to being there in person and allowed us to have conversations about several things that were important to me. Overall the experience was an eight out of 10 and Dr. Pope a 10 out of 10.

The video was of good quality and I enjoyed talking to my doctor this way. If I can’t get to his office then this was also good.

I had a televised appointment with Dr. Nolasco. I could not have managed driving to her office safely at this time but now have a plan of care to follow per our visit yesterday. This is a great benefit to those elders like myself who are compromised by medical issues.

Dr. Merkatz phoned me at my appointment time and we discussed my progress. Since I was experiencing no medical complications there was no need for anything but a regularly scheduled visit in six months. I asked him some questions about how I should be dealing with the corona virus situation since I am in the high-risk category. He answered them. I have to say that it was good to be able to have my visit on the phone by my doctor, as I would not have gone to the office at this time because of the pandemic. 

I recently had an appointment during the CoronaVirus pandemic. As a higher risk patient, I was able to do a video appointment using my phone. Dr. Komm is a very good doctor who has helped me tremendously over almost 20 years. The office is very kind and is very flexible with appointments. Anyone in need of a neurologist will find a wonderful doctor and cutting edge treatments with a very caring office. I Always leave the office with new hope and a smile tremendously over almost 20 years.  

It was our first time chatting face to face online. It was also our first time meeting Dr. Bakieva. Both were positive experiences. I think Dr. Bakieva is both personable and knowledgeable and will be a good fit for my husband. We look forward to meeting Dr. Bakieva in person, as although online visits are good, they can’t take the place of human to human contact. 

The tele-medicine call was perfect for my 97 year old mom. Thank you Dr. Agarwal.

Great Doctor. Very helpful over video chat!

I went for my annual checkup on May 7. All staff was wearing protective gear and I was screened for temperature before entering the office. Everyone was pleasant and positive during this COVID crisis. Dr. Seremet is always attentive and thorough and answers any concerns that I may have. I feel fortunate to have him as my doctor. 

My husband saw Dr. Deshaies yesterday for an office visit. He had several issues and concerns that only an in-person visit could address. Dr. Deshaies listened and responded to his questions. This was time well spent for the patient. My husband came out of the visit feeling much better than when he went in. Thank you for continuing to have office visits for those that would gain little from a video chat. To me, this is what good medicine is all about.

The video conference with Dr. Roy was an excellent experience. We were able to discuss my medical situation and she was able to provide excellent care. I wouldn’t hesitate to use a video conference in the future. Thank you To Starling Physicians for the great care they provide.

Very good telehealth visit. Of course, in person is better. Dr. Russomano went over my test results, comparing to the last CT scan. He always is very good at explaining in a clear understandable way.  

This was my first telemedicine visit. Everything went smoothly. Thanks!

All our visits have been great. Dr. Komm is a fantastic listener and honestly does his best to help. We video chatted for the first time. Again I have nothing but compliments on how efficient, kind, and how professional it went. Very lucky to have him as a physician professional it went. Very lucky to have him as a physician.

I had a teleconference with Dr. Jarrod Post and it went very well. Dr. Post is informative and very proactive on my behalf and my issues. Dr. Post listens to my observations of my medical issues and understands, analyzes, and always has options for me. Thank you, Dr. Post!

I had a recent yearly physical. No one was in the reception area when I arrived. I checked in with Amanda. Waited about 10 min. Dr. Deshaises called me in. We chatted about my MRI. Amanda did the EKG, etc. Everybody wore masks, gloves. Staff also wore gowns. I wore a mask and gloves. I was out in 30 minutes.

I found the televisit with Dr. Roux worked well. It was easy to communicate with the doctor and her information was helpful. She was able to make some physical observations which were also helpful.

Everything about my telemedicine call went very well. It was nice because I could pre-register. I always enjoy speaking with Dr. Morosky and she is always so pleasant and genuine. I am most happy because I was able to get my refill for my allergy medicine.

I had an excellent telephone consultation with Dr. Smith. She returned the call promptly and was very concerned and helpful in her responses. I felt greatly relieved after I spoke to her. She is a great doctor. great doctor.

I had a wonderful experience with the modern high tech interview. Dr. Gjede was outstanding with her visit leaving me very happy. I’m so happy that I have such a professional doctor that I can trust.

Everything during my visit went very well. All safety precautions were taken and I felt safe and well protected.

Thank you for following up with us through this pandemic, we appreciate your concern.

I had a teleconsult with Dr. Mamuya on Wednesday. He was very thorough. I brought him up-to-date on what had happened in the last two months. He agreed with the medications prescribed and added one. Have an additional visit in two weeks. an additional visit in two weeks.

I was glad to be able to talk with Dr. Polukin by phone. Things I forget were discussed and noted by me to track for my health. A great service!

Dr. Wisniewski’s competency and compassion combine well with his thoroughness during each exam. He is a good listener and shows a genuine interest in my health. We just experienced our first TeleMed interview for my wellness checkup and while it was not as effective as a physical examination, it was very productive and I felt it was really the next best thing to an office visit.  

This was my first experience with a teleconference MD appointment. It was very well handled by Dr. Paris. While I was satisfied with this conference, I much prefer a personal examination. A teleconference does not allow for routine testing which would result in a “complete and thorough” examination. But, Dr. Paris was excellent as always.

Excellent video appointment with Dr. Pennington. Almost like being in the office with him.

This was my first time with a video doctor appointment. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but the appointment was wonderful. All my questions with Dr. Powner were answered and I enjoyed speaking face-to-face with him. He seemed well-informed about my conditions and was very helpful. I would definitely do this type of appointment again.

Dr. Catherine Holmes is awesome! Whenever I reached out, always informative and helpful with my care! Highly recommend her as a wellness physician. I have temporarily moved to SC and recently did a video wellness check. To have access remotely to a trusted doctor is extremely important! I’ll miss her and the Starling Group but wish all well and be safe!!

Because of an episode with difficulty breathing and very rapid heartbeats, I appreciated being contacted by Dr. Russomanno. The phone contact was a good substitute to replace my pre-scheduled appointment. He thought my cardiologist handled my problem well and between both of them, I feel that my problem is under control.  

Dr. Cortland is amazing. She took great care of me. She called me from home to make sure I was okay and took me into surgery right away and saved my life. If you need a true doctor, she’s the one.

This was a phone call appointment with Dr. Evelyn Smith. Dr. Smith called me back within an hour of my reaching out to the office. She was, as always, friendly and knowledgeable and put me at ease with my concerns.

I needed some medical attention during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Melnik and his staff of professionals were excellent. They made the process as simple as possible but still took the necessary precautions to keep the patients and the staff healthy. I am grateful for the service they are providing to their patients during this difficult time. My cheers to them!

Very comfortable experience as the staff and Dr. Norwood made me feel welcome and safe as measures were taken to guard against the Coronavirus. 

My experience with telemedicine was extremely positive.

Excellent job. I called last minute and was seen by one of your doctors. I couldn’t ask for better service.

I felt safe and the building was closely monitored. My first appt with Dr. Agarwal was very successful.

We arrived early and were escorted in quickly. I cannot think of any way to improve on that. 

I was impressed that Dr. Post looked at my case outside the box to resolve my health issue. He was excellent to explain everything in understandable language. This problem was good for telemedicine.

The consultation was conducted by Dr. Mansoor in a professional, friendly and informative manner. He answered my questions, very thorough in his explanations, and was very willing to take questions that required further review and discussion with associated cardiologist surgeon for details. A valued and very pleasant experience. 

Dr. Harris saw me immediately, listened to my concerns/symptoms, very attentive, caring. Thank you very much for all the work you do!

I thought the virtual appointment was wonderful. Thank the doctors so much for being so caring and professional. My doctor made me feel comfortable during this crazy time and answered all the questions. Please stay safe – God bless you all.

Thank you for providing this video conferencing service! It is truly appreciated during this time.

I had a FaceTime visit because of COVID-19. It went well. Discussed options for switching medications. I also was given some samples to pick up. Very helpful.

Wonderful to be able to see and have this visit with my doctor at this difficult time in our lives. Dr. Jhunja is a brilliant doctor and has such a kind and caring manner. I am blessed to have her as my general physician.

I had a virtual appointment with Dr. Mamuya. It was the first time ever that I experienced a medical virtual appointment. It was excellent, the doctor reviewed my health history, asked many questions, and listened to my questions. He was patient and caring. He also made suggestions that I should try to further improve my health. Great visit and experience.

Everything was great. Thank you – great job! Be safe.

I am so pleased to be a patient of Dr. Joseph Tremaglio! He spent a lot of time discussing my medical issues. After reviewing my lab reports he felt my problem is not my kidneys but with my electrolytes, specifically my low sodium levels. He is ordering more blood work and will be back in touch when he gets these results. I couldn’t be happier than now be a patient of Dr. Tremaglio. My husband sat with me during our phone visit and felt exactly as I did. I know I’m in good hands and I felt much better when we finished our phone conference. Thank you Dr. Tremaglio!

Meeting with Dr. Gjede via video was great. It allowed me to ask her questions and receive feedback from her immediately. Thank you for making this possible during these uncertain times.

Doing a great job during very difficult times.

First time I met and spoke with Dr. Ferrante. I felt very comfortable speaking with her and having her as my primary doctor. She had read my history and seems to know it. I also felt comfortable with video communication.

I thought it was a great experience to be able to talk to dr. Pennington through video chat.
It was a good experience and I’m glad that we were able to connect through that. I think it helps to know that even in bad times when you can’t get out to see a doctor this is a great idea and these unfortunate times.

Thanks for making the televisit available…it was super convenient and worked out great!

This was a very important telemedicine visit addressing my atrial fibrillation.Dr. Mamuya spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. It ended with my feeling very well taken care of.

Easy video chat. Very pleased.

Very good. Was happy how everything went. I thought it would be difficult over a phone appointment but I was very happy! I thought it was cool doing a video meeting.

Excellent experience –  just like being in the doctor’s office.

I found Dr. Perkins to be competent, thorough, inquisitive, and very comforting in that he was completely involved in understanding the reason for my call. I would give him a 10 out of 10.

I was very pleased with the service I received. The call was very clear, professional. We were able to discuss my condition without any problems. I felt as if I were sitting in the office talking to Dr. Benson. A very good option even when there isn’t a crisis. Thank you very kindly for the effort and time spent to make my visit successful.

Dr. Justin called to set up a video chat with me to make sure I was ok & if I had any questions or concerns about my health. She assured me I was just a phone call away if I felt any symptoms or any questions. I am so lucky to have a doctor like her and am very thankful for her thoughtfulness.

Telemedicine is very new, but it filled the purpose of communicating with a new doctor for me. This was our first meeting since she took over Dr. Pinou’s practice. I think it went well.