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Delivering on the Starling Physicians “Promise”

Hear about one woman’s exceptional experience with midwife, Pam Haskins, who helped her and her husband navigate through a traumatic healthcare experience.


Dear Mr. Vye:

I quickly want to inform you about one of your providers. At first you must be thinking that this isn’t going to be a good letter, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Back in November my wife went to her annual OB check up in Enfield with Pam Haskins, her midwife. Pam has been in our family for over seven years now as she delivered our four children. She is an amazing person with an amazing staff up there. This visit was like every other including where Ms. Haskins got to performing the breast exam on my wife. She found some abnormalities, and to be safe, sent her off to be examined further. Well, to make a long story short, it ended up causing the worst day of our lives, as you might have guessed it was cancer. We received the phone call on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and boy did it ruin our weekend in a way I never thought possible. We went in to a meeting with Dr. Bassin that following Monday to see how we were going to fight this. That Tuesday, Pam called to seen how she was doing. As I am writing this letter, we are one chemo treatment away from going into the surgery portion of the disease. We were told that the cancer itself could not have been caught any sooner than when Pam found it. As I said before, Pam delivered all four of my children, one being a very difficult birth that she was the hero in. Now, not only has she made sure all of my children are safe, but she saved my wife’s life as well. For her doing her job as well as she does she was able to allow my wife to get a quicker jump on the treatment and to slow the spread. It had already gone to the lymph nodes so it was moving quite quickly from the breast. On your website, under the “Our Promise” section two points jump out to describe Pam, “Where doctors and patients build long-lasting relationships based on compassion, dialogue, and mutual respect”, and “Where we treat you like family and go above and beyond to provide a better healthcare experience.” Pam has proven time and time again that this is what she embraces and has shown here.

I would like to thank Starling (Connecticut Multispecialty) for having such an amazing provider working for them. Pam Haskins is an amazing medical professional as well as an amazing person and you and her patients are very lucky to have her as a resource.